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1913Re: ...and I thought I did a good job...

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  • Phlip
    Feb 25, 2006
      Jon Kern wrote:

      > http://blogs.compuware.com/cs/blogs/jkern/archive/2006/02/23/mastering_a_skill.aspx

      5:30 - I'm typing frantically on a test server, down in jungle land.
      Iris calls and reminds her that Ashley's diorama is due tomorrow.
      Of course it's my fault she doesn't have the central figure yet.

      5:45 - Google:
      - web sites describing the Native American
      craft of corn husk dolls
      - the nearest Von's phone number

      5:50 - Call Von's and confirm they have corn husks
      (for wrapping tamales)

      6:30 - Show up at home, show Ashley the corn husks,
      and ask what she think's they're for

      8:30 - Finish 2 figures; pick the best one

      8:45 - Paint the winning figure's dress a gloomy blue-grey

      9:00 - Paint the kitchen furniture in the diorama various
      gloomy colors

      9:30 - Fold a wad of corn silk in place for the figure's hair

      The next morning Ashley presents her diorama - it's "Typhoid" Mary
      Mallon, working in her kitchen. Ashley had been enchanted by her
      biography on Nova...

      http://www.greencheese.org/ZeekLand <-- NOT a blog!!
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