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1846Re: {Possible Spam?} [agile-usability] bug or missing feature?, was: just one bug's enough to make a program useless

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  • Jeff Patton
    Jan 3, 2006
      --- In agile-usability@yahoogroups.com, Brian Marick <marick@t...>
      > P.S. Making changes to improve the usability for testers does have
      > business value, unless their time costs nothing. I have some faith,
      > but no evidence, that it would also improve the code, much like
      > catering to JUnit or Fit does.

      In the situation I was thinking about, making changes to the delivered
      product to better support testers would have broken business rules in
      the application. Basically it would have made it easier/faster for the
      tester to set up and tear down test data by forgoing some of the rules
      around creating and deleting - and also installing quick navigation to
      jump from creation directly to transaction entry, again, inapropriate
      for our app, but workflow the testers did often.

      Alain is right that lots of these tedious bits of testing should be

      You're right that spending a little money to help testers complete
      their work faster - or not go crazy doing it - is a good idea. We just
      need to know why we're doing it. If it was a feature strictly for
      testing, I'd want some way to hide or disable it from a production

      But, your point is well taken. Also Michael's point you referred to as


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