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1842RE: [agile-usability] bug or missing feature?, was: just one bug's enough to make a program useless

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  • Desilets, Alain
    Jan 3, 2006
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      Hope I didn't come across as slamming testers. ;-) Actually, it's
      not the tester, but the nature of the test I was getting at. You hit
      on it here. There's a difference between testing that the feature
      performas as specified and actually using the product as intended and
      making an often subjective judgement about how well it works. That's
      the kind of testing that could be done in house by testers.

      I have observed a pattern where testers become acutely aware of
      inefficiencies in the workflow for the test cases they execute often
      without regard for how realistically the test case reflects an actual
      users' goals or usage.

      -- Alain:
      I for one, never use manual to repeatively test the same scenario.
      That's something better reserved for machines (i.e. done through
      automated unit testing).

      When I talked about manual testing (in my response to Bryan's posting),
      I was talking about exploratory testing, which, as I practice it
      involves two things:

      - trying to come up with creative ways to destroy the system
      - using the system to carry out some realistic task (i.e. a task that a
      a real user might do)

      The second kind of testing does allow me to spot a lot of usability
      problems at the design level, but also bugs that stand in the way of
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