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1841RE: {Possible Spam?} [agile-usability] Re: just one bug's enough to make a program useless

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  • Desilets, Alain
    Jan 3, 2006
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      In shops that use manual testing, whether scripted or exploratory,
      the testers are the people in the shop who use the product most (by a
      huge margin). Often, they're repeating the same workflow over and
      over, with small variations. Inefficiencies in the workflow really
      start to drive you crazy when you hit them again and again and again
      - whether you're a tester or user. Opportunities for improvement leap
      out at you.

      -- Alain:
      I agree with this. I write a lot of unit tests, but I do a lot of manual
      testing on top of it. And through that, I get a lot of excellent
      insights into where the usability hotspots are, and not only for expert
      users. Like you said, when you use the software over and over again,
      even the lightest pain starts jumping at you.

      Of course, I don't rely just on that for assessing usability of the
      system. I also pay a lot of attention to customer feedback. Everytime
      someone asks for help is treated as an occasion to get insights into
      usability problems.
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