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1822Re: Cross Cultural Teams

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  • elise_urbanek
    Dec 25, 2005
      --- In agile-usability@yahoogroups.com, "Ron Vutpakdi" <vutpakdi@a...>
      > Darn, just before I was going fire off an angry reply. ;-)
      > Seriously, I think that part of this discussion highlights what I've
      > thought for many years (starting back when I was primarily a
      > developer): the hardest part of software development (in a team) isn't
      > the technology, the architecture, or the interaction design: it's the
      > people aspect of working in a team and working with those outside of
      > the team proper.
      > Seems to me that cross cultural communication and understanding is one
      > of the biggest challenges where the "cross cultural" could be the
      > result of different disciplines, cultures, languages, locations,
      > and/or previous experiences. I'm currently slamming my head against
      > this particular brick wall. Most of the developers that I'm working
      > with are in Scotland and have never worked with an interaction
      > designer before. So I've got the discipline, location, culture, and
      > previous experience divide to bridge (some would also argue that
      > Scottish English counts as a different language than American English
      > :-) ).

      From a linguistics point of view, FYI, they're considered different
      'varieties' of the same language. :)
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