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1797Cross Cultural Teams

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  • Ron Vutpakdi
    Dec 7, 2005
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      --- In agile-usability@yahoogroups.com, "Desilets, Alain"
      <alain.desilets@n...> wrote:
      > Therefore, if you come to this list and feel that your discipline (be it
      > U* or Agile development) is being dismissed, you are probably not coming
      > to it with an open mind.
      > -- Alain:
      > BTW: in the above I didn't mean you, Ron Vutpakdi (I know you have an
      > open mind ;-)). I meant the generic you, as in "if someone comes to this
      > list and feels etc..."
      > -----
      Darn, just before I was going fire off an angry reply. ;-)

      Seriously, I think that part of this discussion highlights what I've
      thought for many years (starting back when I was primarily a
      developer): the hardest part of software development (in a team) isn't
      the technology, the architecture, or the interaction design: it's the
      people aspect of working in a team and working with those outside of
      the team proper.

      Seems to me that cross cultural communication and understanding is one
      of the biggest challenges where the "cross cultural" could be the
      result of different disciplines, cultures, languages, locations,
      and/or previous experiences. I'm currently slamming my head against
      this particular brick wall. Most of the developers that I'm working
      with are in Scotland and have never worked with an interaction
      designer before. So I've got the discipline, location, culture, and
      previous experience divide to bridge (some would also argue that
      Scottish English counts as a different language than American English
      :-) ).

      More face to face time and experience working together would really help.

      On a more relevant note, how many people here have worked on an agile
      development team split across 6+ time zones? Any suggestions? We
      really need the equivalent of a shared team room where we can put up
      task/story cards and such, and SharePoint (uggh) just isn't cutting it.

      I thought about trying to do a virtual one in Canvas, but that limits
      who can effectively update the "wall".

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