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1792Re: QWERTY, mouse, and novel input

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  • Ron Vutpakdi
    Dec 7, 2005
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      --- In agile-usability@yahoogroups.com, "Desilets, Alain"
      <alain.desilets@n...> wrote:
      > Today's speech interfaces CAN be very useful, but only in limited
      context like:
      > - people who can't type (ex: RSI, paraplegics)
      > - people who WON'T type (ex: "REAL lawyers/doctors don't type!")
      > - people who are in hands and/or eyes busy situation (ex: people
      driving cars)

      Just as an aside: the doctors and psychologists that I know who use
      speech to text for dictation do so because it's faster for them to
      dictate reports rather than typing (not that they can't type). They
      can do so while walking around or even just sitting at their desk, but
      speaking is faster than typing.

      In their cases, with a special dictionary and training, the
      recognition is generally better than 95% since the vocabulary used is
      considerably more limited than full speech.

      Many doctors and psychologists still dictate reports/evaluations to a
      phone service which then uses a person to transcribe the reports.

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