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  • Jon Kern
    Nov 1, 2005
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      aww... come on people, don't be getting your shorts in a bunch <g>...

      Microsoft takes the low road when it comes to demonstrating apparently commercially successful software applications that have horrid user interfaces that expose technology and, IMHO, show contempt for users. Despite their best HCI design efforts from their research teams, I might add. Try out the Word Save dialog as exposed here.
      -- jon

      Larry Constantine said the following on 10/31/2005 2:33 PM:
      Michael Andrews wrote:
      Activity theory driven design is not user driven, it is user adaptive.  It
      assumes users will adapt to technology, regardless how bad it might be.  In
      this respect, it shares with scenario and usage centered approaches a
      contempt for users, expecting them to conform to how they *should* behave
      toward technology, instead of how they actually do, and how they can
      comfortably adapt.

      With regards to usage-centered design, of which I was the co-developer, this
      is absolutely, unequivocally, and totally wrong. Nothing I have written or
      said has ever suggested that users should conform to the technology. Quite
      the contrary, our approach is to try for the closest possible fit to what
      users actually do and how they do it and to support users with the best
      possible tools to suit their needs and intentions.

      If I sound offended, it is because I am. I have made a career of designing
      systems that better adapt to users and to teaching others how to do the
      same. Whether there is any truth to what you say about scenario-driven or
      activity-centered design is another issue, but with regards to
      usage-centered design it is complete and utter garbage.

      --Larry Constantine, IDSA

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