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1537[slightly OT] the OQO 01

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  • aacockburn
    Sep 3, 2005
      For those looking at the OQO 01, it arrived Thursday and I decided
      today (Sat) to send it back. I never really got as far as "what will
      I use it for" because it failed so quickly on certain (for me)
      critical issues. The lady on the service line was very nice, at
      least :-)

      - keyboard - not really a problem, since there's a nice $100
      bluetooth keybaord that also folds up to approx 3x6 size. I could
      type paragraphs using my middle fingers and use the joystick and the
      mouse buttons on the left side OK.

      - pen - a problem, partly I feel nervous about poking a soft LCD
      covering with a plastic pen hard enough to trigger the click button.
      Bigger problem was the pointer drifted inward as the pen got closer
      to the edge, so I really had to focus and work very hard to click on
      a button close to tthe edge of the screen. I tested using Powerpoint,
      and i couldn't reach the polygon fill button on the left side of the
      screen - ended up clicking on the metal rim around the display. I
      don't know if I could have gotten used to this over time but it
      wasn't pleasant. Oh, and as Ron pointed out, the pen is just a mouse
      replacement, it is not a handwriting tool (don't know if this matters
      to me).

      - screen - not very bright, some worries about using it in sunlit
      rooms; but I could edit black on white in Word OK.
      screen size: I use Full Screen all the time in Word, so there was
      enough text viewing for me. However at 800 x 480, Powerpoint was
      tough. I'd have to edit in zoom most of the time and that would get
      tedious. Really scary, though was when the XP Windows dialogs took
      place, because those 800x600 pixels are squashed really closely
      together, so I had to put reading glasses over my reading glasses to
      read the text. Black on blue, even worse. This turns out to be a
      showstopper for me, and I'll have to learn not to order YYYx480
      screens any more.

      - cabling - this was a major bummer I didn't expect. The power cord
      has not 2 but 5 pins!. It is a big thick thing that plugs into the
      bottom ! left edge of the gadget, so it is under my hand the whole
      But worse is the multi-outlet cable. This is a thick (like a 1/3"
      thick) cable that plugs simultaneously into three plugs in the
      bottom! edge of the gadget: the 5 pin (?) power socket, a 15-pin
      multi-outlet, and the firewire plug. This cable then has 6 outlets
      evenly spaced along its length about 5" apart, each with a stout
      black rubber casing: ethernet plug; firewire plug; USB; AC power;
      VGA; audio (I think). This cable alone weighs as much as the computer
      and takes more space to pack.
      The showstopper part for me is that I have to carry and connect this
      cable in order to hook the computer to a larger display. Won't happen.

      heat - it runs hot. not warm, but hot. It's an all metal case so it
      transfers the heat fast. Not a showstopper, but not nice.

      angle of viewing - it lies flat, with or without the keyboard out.
      Not a good viewing angle.

      the stand - lovely *heavy* aluminum angle stand. I think they want me
      to carry this with me wherever I take the little computer and the big
      cable, but that won't happen.

      The showstoppers for me were the VGA hookup, the big cable, the small

      Lessons to self: stop trying to make N00x480 screens work for real
      work. Borrow someone's IPAQ for an hour sometime. Don't buy a tablet
      computer until I borrow one for a day. Maybe it will be sufficient to
      reformat my current laptop's hard drive and reinstall a new OS and
      use the old keyboard for another year.