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1154Re: [agile-usability] Re: Google tricked me by making me think it was going to do something stupid

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  • Jon Kern
    May 1, 2005
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      so what do you suppose the business model is/will be for supplying these links to assorted businesses?
      near my hometown in PA, i tried ice cream, ford, paintball, software development, website development, agile software development, ... pretty impressive

      here is one link i was led to: http://www.parshift.com/Essays/essay005.htm

      kind of an interesting essay (from 1995) on agile concepts!
      -- jon

      Phlip said the following on 4/30/2005 9:04 PM:
      aacockburn wrote:

      > ... and then type "pizza" in the local-search box and watch the pizza
      > restaurant markers pop onto the satellite image (or watch the drive
      > route overlay the satellite image).

      All the refreshes happen inside an <iframe>, so they get rid of the
      danged twitch in the topmost page that we have come to know and love
      over the last decade:

      if (!_nxsl) {document.write('<iframe id="nxsl" onload="_loadnxsl()"

      Then notice how the _loadnxsl() thing happens _after_ the iframe has
      loaded its source page and adjusted the geometry. This means
      _loadnxsl() can do its thing quietly and smoothly.

      The Chimp Test passed at Google HQ!

      Now if someone could just do that <iframe> trick for a Wiki test runner... ;-)

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