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  • Sommer
    Apr 1, 2005
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      Better Software magazine Feature Article

      It Takes Two to Tango
      by Rachel Davies
      What every software manager should know about pair programming and
      how to implement it without missing a step.

      Pair programming is not one person passively watching the other
      typing. When engaged in pair programming, each programmer plays an
      active role in determining the design, implementation, and tests. The
      pair analyzes strands of the problem while passing the keyboard back
      and forth between them, writing code and tests as they go.

      Pair programming is a primary practice of Extreme Programming (XP),
      one of the increasingly popular Agile software development methods.
      (See the StickyNotes for more on Extreme Programming.) XP is built on
      the idea that a focus on quality will decrease project risk. An XP
      team will typically write all production code in pairs. But you don't
      have to implement XP to benefit from pair programming. Even
      programmers on non-XP teams naturally gravitate toward working in
      pairs when faced with difficult problems. It is possible to integrate
      the practice of pair programming within other approaches, Agile or

      Complete article at:
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