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1086RE: [agile-usability] Re: Craftmanship doesn't scale... hence usa bility?

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  • Anita Salem
    Feb 25, 2005
      This is a great discussion.

      Thyra said:
      <Absolutely! Bringing the realistic tasks back from my interactions with
      customers is one of the critical things I can do. And my development team
      is outstanding at intercepting a lot of usability issues as they contructing
      the product and putting the pieces together.>

      Yes and more. Taking members of the development team with you on customer
      visits can give them a rich picture that no verbal or written report can
      ever capture. Seeing customers work not only gives us critical information
      about work flow, it helps all of us to think more conceptually about how and
      why users do what they do. I think we're pretty good at capturing tasks and
      workflow and bringing it back to the team, and I think we can do more.

      Often I think back on a customer observation and what comes to mind is not
      necessarily the details of a work process, but how it exemplified a users
      goal, or the users environment, or a critical stumbling block, or the
      inter-relationship between business elements. Those "aha" moments are very
      powerful and can be extremely useful in future usability decisions because
      they capture both the how AND why's of a process. As Personas tend to do
      for "user-centered" design, in-context observations are invaluable for
      capturing the grand picture of "usage" and help place "customer stories" in
      a richer context.

      We researchers can then as Alain says, become coaches and partners. Our
      time is spent structuring, coordinating, and synthesizing the visits. The
      "report" then becomes a tool for enumerating tasks AND a trigger for
      remembering all of the rich context that has been observed. A two hour
      customer visit is worth a thousand words...

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