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1038Re: user centered design overlaps with traditional analysis?

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  • Jeff Patton
    Feb 10, 2005
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      --- In agile-usability@yahoogroups.com, "Sue Heim" <sue_heim@m...>
      > Can't your subscribe to the Wiki, so that changes to any document
      are sent
      > out to the appropriate parties? This would ensure, anyways, that
      > who've already read the doc will be notified that there is a
      revision, and
      > they oh yeah, maybe they oughta go check it out...?

      We've been bad at subscribing to changes - we've had the silly belief
      that since they're sitting a few feet from us and they know that
      we're working on their story they might /tell/ us. But, I'm being
      overly harsh - our super users are good people and usually do tell

      The bigger problems have been that the documents they write contain
      lots of words... lots of words that they've written independently
      without a lot of support from others. Those words contain design
      decisions. Programmers read the words and say to themselves, "these
      are my requirements, I'll write the software this way." There's
      often not much conversation about those words. But, often we find
      out the words result in a piece of software that's clumsy to use - or
      has contradictory information in it. In those cases we have a
      conversation with the person who wrote the document and find that
      what they'd written isn't really what they meant, and they're quick
      to accept any suggestions we have for improvement.

      At our recent reflection session we decided it would be best if the
      documents were delievered along with a face to face conversation. We
      continue to be reminded that documents give us a false sense of
      security - that words in print seem "right" even though they're often


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