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1029RE: [agile-usability] Re: user centered design overlaps with traditional analysis?

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  • Sue Heim
    Feb 3, 2005
      >Glad you finished your thought. Couldn't agree more. On my current
      >agile project we document stuff we know about a story and post it on
      >a wiki. Our expert users sit feet from us. We've noticed a problem
      >where the expert user finds out an important piece of information,
      >then updates the document to include it. Now folks have already read
      >the document, and don't think to scan it for changes/revisions. At
      >the end of the iteration when we've missed an important detail, and
      >can see it right there in the document, our first thought is "why
      >didn't we just talk about this?" The artifact was present - but gave
      >folks a false sense of security.

      Can't your subscribe to the Wiki, so that changes to any document are sent
      out to the appropriate parties? This would ensure, anyways, that folks
      who've already read the doc will be notified that there is a revision, and
      they oh yeah, maybe they oughta go check it out...?

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