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1010Re: [agile-usability] Role of UCD in agile processes

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  • Gary Macomber
    Jan 29, 2005

      Was just reflecting on this after the past week. For
      the first time in my career I had to convince folks to
      let me do more than just design. It took me 2 days to
      get everyone to agree that usability testing was
      important! My prior experience is more like what Hugh
      describes though...


      --- Hugh Beyer <beyer@...> wrote:

      Hey guys -- I was reading old notes to this list and
      had a sudden news flash
      which is maybe obvious to everyone else, but maybe not
      -- what I realized is
      that being a usability person on an agile product is
      going to require a
      total change in your thinking. Presumably, you're
      there to help implement
      the customer role--be the customer voice on the team.
      But that's going to
      require that you behave not as a usability person,
      looking at a completed
      design and searching for holes but that you operate as
      designer--conceptualizing the work of the users,
      thinking about a design
      response and organizing that response into screens and

      Usability people have known from just about day one
      that they had to do such
      things, of course. But the placement of usability
      after development produces
      something to test meant that the problem was somewhat
      hidden. Now it's out
      front--you aren't a usability person anymore, you're
      something else.

      Or am I out to lunch?


      Hugh R. Beyer
      CTO, InContext
      2352 Main St., suite 302
      Concord, MA 01742

      978-823-0105 x122

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