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RSS feed from a https website

There are quite a few websites that I have to log into and check daily but do not provide a feed. I'am looking for a way to create a RSS feed from each of
Jan 20, 2010

Private feed of different web pages

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help here. I am trying to build what I think should be called an RSS feed for a set of private pages. Right now these are just
Andy Swarbrick
Oct 16, 2008

Re: new items

... The difficulty is that there is no prescribed mechanism in RSS itself for what should be returned, or how to query it. RSS is just a format. However, there
Andrew Turner
Mar 19, 2008

Re: new items

... When you request a feed, you usually get from 10-15 of the most recent items from that publisher. Although there's no prohibition against including more
Mar 19, 2008

Re: new items

... There is no mechanism to do this in RSS. None at all. ... Nor this.
Bill Kearney
Mar 19, 2008

new items

Hi, I found this information difficult to get and found this group, so asking the question. We need to build a RSS reader in our application. I wanted to
Mar 19, 2008

Are there any issued or pending patents about RSS?

I know MS filed two RSS related patents: (1)US20060288011 Finding and consuming web subscriptions in a web browser; (2)US20060288329 Content syndication
Bo Xie
Apr 2, 2007

2 New RSS Tools

I'd like to mention 2 new RSS tools, one converts HTML to RSS , www.2rssfeed.com, and the other converts RSS to HTML
Feb 7, 2007

New Book-Westminster Time Files.

Hi there, I have an ebook and hardcopy paperback coming out in 2007. A ebook publisher suggested that I use aggregates first. What do they mean by that? and
Tony OClery
Dec 22, 2006

Re: Slightly OT: Ask Yahoo to enable RSS authentication for groups

Jeremy Zawodny is asking for suggestions on how to bring Yahoo Groups up to date on his blog. http://jeremy.zawodny.com/blog/archives/006541.html ... never get
Nick Dynice
Mar 31, 2006

Online aggregator review on TechCrunch

Nick Dynice
Mar 31, 2006

Re: Slightly OT: Ask Yahoo to enable RSS authentication for groups

... I disagree. ... Automated apps wouldn't have the auth keys. Thus the feed would never get seen by them. ... The existance of the RSS feed URL can't be
Bill Kearney
Mar 11, 2006

Re: HTML Introspection for feeds

Not a new idea - I remembered reading about it on "Dive Into Mark" - see here: http://diveintomark.org/archives/2002/05/30/rss_autodiscovery. Lots of tools
Mar 6, 2006

Re: Slightly OT: Ask Yahoo to enable RSS authentication for groups

sdorfman.rm Tue, 28 Feb 2006 06:34:43 ... I've reached the conclusion that "private" RSS feeds that require authentication is a bad
Julian Bond
Mar 6, 2006

Re: Slightly OT: Ask Yahoo to enable RSS authentication for groups

... Thanks for replying, Jeremy. I'm glad the message got to the right people. Perhaps looking at the way livejournal has implemented RSS authentication would
Mar 2, 2006
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