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Re: [ageofconquest] Update on games in AoC an d waiting list

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  • Vladislav Novikov
    Hello, Can you put me on the waiting list for a new game too? Vlad ... Hello, Can you put me on the waiting list for a new game too? Vlad Fri, 28 Sep 2012
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      Can you put me on the waiting list for a new game too?


      Fri, 28 Sep 2012 10:34:38 -0000 от "Darrell" <darrell.lias@...>:

      There is no Age of Conquest testgame currently running:

      There is one standard game running – with Commoner freeplay and an introductory rate for Royalty donation of £1 per turn (against the website advertised £1.50):

      aq2 - at turn 11 – from the 19 starting realms, only 14 are standing (down 1) – Thrace, Phrygia, Etruscans, Cappadocia and Carthage are the leading realms, then Rome, Greece and Egypt. At the tail end of the race are Hispania, Illyria and Macedonia. Note that one of the leaders has not taken the purple!.

      Waiting list stands at 8 – but the positive responses to previous invitations suggest that another game might be able to be filled soon, so watch this space as game aq3 awaits.

      Completed games:
      apy - declared over at turn 21 - 14 realms standing. The victors were declared as Thrace, Bythnia and Phrygia, but Dacia must be mentioned for a valiant performance.
      apx - at turn 44 - 11 realms standing – The victors were declared as Hispania, Latin League and Carthage, with Rome declining to accept valediction for his role in the winning alliance of the West, along with Insubre, Illyria and Macedonia. On the losing alliance, Bythnia (second in the provinces owned), Phrygia and Thrace along with the redoubtable Greece fought a "good" war. The game began with conflicts for supremacy in the East and West, demonstrating convoluted diplomacy and not a few back-stabbings, until the endgame was upon everyone, with two alliances (effectively East and West) grinding a path to victory. Supremacy of the seas went to the West - BUT the land war was intensified even more and the East used the (much, much later period) Swedish Defence of massing troops in strongholds, waiting for a mistake or dissent in the Western alliance, which did not happen (to the surprise of many – perhaps even the Western alliance?).


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