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Re: More plants De: "Anjani Kumar Singh anjani41@... [agaveforum]" Para: "agaveforum@yahoogroups.com" Enviado:

p.c. van der meer
Nov 14, 2014
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More plants HiI have added new photographs of haworthias, caudiciform plants, agaves, aloes and sansevierias from my collection on my website www.scenescape.orgMay like

Anjani Kumar Singh
Nov 2, 2014

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New website Hi Everybody, I and my wife were collecting and growing succulents and cycads for last 30 years. Among succulents our favourite were haworthia, gasteria,

Sep 14, 2014

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petu0423 http://kjdirect.co.uk/ltbdkea.php ****************************************************************************** From: Winston James 3/19/2014 4:23:15 AM

Mar 19, 2014

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New to the group Hello -- I am Sharon and I live in SE Michigan near Lake Erie and the Ohio state line. This is zone 5a/6 according to the USDA chart's. At this time I only

Oct 26, 2013

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New to the group Hi everybody. I'm new to the group but not new to Agaves. I've been collecting them and fat plants for years. I live in Missouri so all my plants must be

Aug 9, 2013

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Re: Agave victoriae-reginae pollination I would suggest that the nectar is an aphrodisiac for the insect world which in turn feeds and trips the pistil and may even carry the pollen for fertilization

Alan Butterfield
Jul 1, 2013

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Re: Agave victoriae-reginae pollination Colin, I spend a lot of time in SE Arizona where we have a few Agave species. And most of these species are insect and hummingbird feeding troughs with the

Greg Smith
Jul 1, 2013

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Agave victoriae-reginae pollination I currently have a Agave victoriae-reginae in flower. The flowers have very protruding anthers and less pronounced pistils, usually a sign of wind pollinated

Jun 30, 2013

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Re: visit to US Hi Anjani, I don't know if you know of this exporter but you might be interested if you don't: http://www.rarepalmseeds.com/index2.shtml All the best and good

Ken Landis
Jan 16, 2013

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visit to US Hi, I am Anjani Kumar Singh, a plant collector from India. I have a collection of variegated succulents( aloe,agave, sansevieria,gasteria,haworthia etc) and

anjani kumar
Jan 16, 2013

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Season Greetings Greetings from Belgium Jacqueline & Albert Leroy Albert M.M.C. Wavre (Belgium) N 50 48' 180" E 004 07' 392" Founder of "Cactus & Exotica Belgium"

Dec 21, 2012
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Re: Sandy Don't ask me how this went to the forum, I sent it to a friend in NE Pennsylvania!! Kenneth ... From: Kenneth Quinn To:

Kenneth Quinn
Oct 25, 2012

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Sandy Are you starting to hum "Stormy Weather"? The storm will affect us indirectly - the western circulation will bring down cold air, and we might get an early

Kenneth Quinn
Oct 25, 2012

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Miniature Agave. I find it very difficult to separate the offset from the mother plant. My hands and no longer strong enough to pull them off. Norma

Norma - Crasulady2
Oct 12, 2012
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