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[agathiyar] NBT:The Defeated Man 1

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  • DrK.Loganathan
    Dear Friends, After opening up the Access Testing Lab. I had a visit from a Chinese family brought to me by the lady s sister who had attended the AT workshop.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 1999
      Dear Friends,
      After opening up the Access Testing Lab. I had a visit from a Chinese
      family brought to me by the lady's sister who had attended the AT workshop.
      The husband and wife and one of the daughters did the analysis. There were
      serious problems among these three all interrelated. Since I have come
      across also several other cases similar to this and it appears to be a
      common problem in many families, I thought I will write up on it briefly so
      that others also can benefit by such an analysis. It is a case of a
      strong woman and a weak man who happened to get married and after a few
      years facing many problems sometimes even suffering serious physical illness.

      The Baums of the lady who is around 47 years of Age

      A. Avery strong tree with clear trunk clean and broad at the bottom. There
      is crown-like envelope at the top with radiating branches. The worrying
      feature is star-like fruits on both sides of the branches. They may be
      leaves also.

      B. Similar to A except that there are many leaves some rather broad with
      bunches of different kinds of fruits globular in shape .

      C. The trunk is the same but overall the tree appears to be coconut tree but
      with round coconuts stuck all over the radiating branches.

      D. Very similar to B except that the fruits are large. On the left bottom
      branch we have the return of dark star-like fruits.
      The strong and clear trunks indicate a strong masculine character, almost
      masculine in mental make up. Very disappointed in life because the husband
      is a weak individual incapable of earning enough money and cater for the
      basic needs of the family. The star-like dark fruits may be related to the
      breast cancer she was suffering sometime ago but which has been treated. The
      cancerous breast was removed and she is undergoing chemotherapy and is
      certainly recovering very well. The dark fruits in D may indicate a return
      of this cancer but considerably reduced .

      (to be continued)


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