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Re: [agathiyar] About Peruvalzudhi-Re:Coins-#1

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  • kaviyogi vedham
    Super Essay! I enjoyed each sentence.  yurs,  Yogiyaar ... From: jay bee Subject: [agathiyar] About Peruvalzudhi-Re:Coins-#1 To:
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 1, 2008
      Super Essay! I enjoyed each sentence.

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      Subject: [agathiyar] About Peruvalzudhi-Re:Coins-#1
      To: agathiyar@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Monday, December 1, 2008, 12:19 AM

      Dear Agathiyarians,

      In the first madal on 'Coins', I mentioned about
      a very ancient Pandya king called 'PalYaagaSaalai
      MudhKudumi Peruvalzudhi'.
      Here is an old posting about him.....

      The Pandya country was ruled by the Pandyas for
      a very long time.
      Legend says that the Tamils were in the Land of Kumari.
      Then in the present Tamilnadu.
      Tamil was nurtured, preserved and developed in
      academies called the Sangam.

      Among the early Pandyas of the Sangam Age is a very
      noteworthy figure.

      He is 'PalYaaga Saalai Mudhukudumi Peruvalzudhi'.
      He must have lived anytime around or before 300 BC.
      There are five poems composed in honour of him in the
      PuRanaanuuRu by Kaari Kilzaar, Nettimaiyaar, and
      One of the poems celebrates the Yagams performed
      by him.

      He is said to have performed numerous yagams.
      Hence the epithet 'pal yaaga saalai'.
      The yagams were performed by Korkai Kilzan
      NarkoRRan who 'never left the path of the vedas'.

      The yagams were performed at a place in the
      Paaganuur KuuRRam of Pandiyanadu. It is still there
      in the Sivagangai District.

      The Chinnamanur copper grant says that an
      illustrious ancestor of the Pandyas performed one
      thousand yagams.
      The VELvikkudi grant praises him as

      'kolyaanai palavOttik kuudaa mannar kulzaam dhavirththa -
      palyaaga mudhukudumi peruvalzudhiyenum paaNdiyaadhi

      After the yaagams were done, he named the
      whole place where the yagams had taken place as
      'VELvikkudi' and with sacred libations of holy water,
      made them over to NarkoRRan.

      On the occasion of the Asvamedha Yagam,
      he issued a commemorative coin.
      On the obverse of the coin, there is the head
      of Peruvalzudhi.
      The reverse shows a sacrificial horse. And
      the name 'Peruvalzudhi' in Brahmi script.

      It would surprise most of you - rather shock
      you when you see a clean shaven face with a Roman
      hair style and a very prominent Roman Nose.
      He might pass for a Caesar any time.
      You see..., you have been primed and conditioned
      to see Tamil kings with girudha, moustache and
      baghavathar crop. So you'll get a shock to see the
      profile of Peruvalzudhi.

      See him here, at this URL


      Enjoy seeing a truely ancient Tamil king and I will
      take you to the next section.....



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