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[agathiyar] Latif the Thief

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  • jaybee
    Dear Friends,Here is a small story from the Sufi s.A sufi story in the book Thinkers of the East by Idries Shah gives this story.One day Latif the
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      Dear Friends,

      Here is a small story from the Sufi's.

      A sufi story in the book 'Thinkers of the East" by Idries Shah gives this

      One day Latif the Thief ambushed the commander of the Royal Guard,
      captured him and took him to a cave.
      "'I am going to say something that, no matter how much you try, you
      will be not be able to forget," he told the infuriated officer.
      Latif made his prisoner take off all his clothes. Then he tied him,
      facing backwards, on a donkey.
      "You may be able to make a fool out of me," screamed the soldier.
      "But you can never, never, never make me think of something against
      my will. Especially if I want to keep it out of my mind."
      "Well, Commander! You have not yet heard the phrase which I want
      you to remember," said Latif.
      "'I am turning you loose now, and the donkey will take you back to town.
      All the townspeople and will see you in broad daylight. You will
      become the laughing stock of the whole town. The story will spread and
      become known throughout the country; may be the world."
      Now here is the phrase that you will never be able to forget.
      '"I'll catch and kill Latif the Thief, if it takes me the rest of my




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