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1"Throwin' Down" Vegetarian Style!

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  • marthatheus
    Jul 21, 2007

      Hi! My name is Martha Theus and I have been a vegetarian for over 22 years. My husband Londale (a vegetarian for 25 years) and I have raised our children (both in college) as vegetarians since birth. We are an African American family that is athletic, healthy, and completely vegetarian. My son is 6'5", weighs 200 pounds and plays Division 1 Basketball. My daughter is on her college Rugby team. As a family, we are constantly told that "we don't look like vegetarians", or "there is no way your kids can be vegetarians and play sports like that." Basically, we have broken just about every stereotype when most people think of the word "vegetarian."


      After many years of requests as to our "secret" for maintaining this active vegetarian lifestyle yet remaining true to our culture, my daughter and I have finally completed a cookbook, titled "Throwin' Down" Vegetarian Style! which is currently available for sale on our website at www.21stCenturyVegetarians.com. It is the answer for those interested in changing their lives by changing their diets. Our mission is to increase awareness and share information about how our diets affect the very core and quality of our lives. We as a nation and especially as a people are in a "state of emergency" and I believe our worst enemy is our diet. "Throwin' Down" Vegetarian Style! includes over 75 recipes, vegetarian product shopping guides, and the answers to common questions including "Where do you get your protein?", and "What do you eat?"   The best part is that most of the recipes have more protein than average meat dishes, yet take less than 30 minutes to prepare. The only thing that's missing is the heart-clogging cholesterol! This is a great book for vegetarians AND non-vegetarians and is great start for those thinking of transitioning to a vegetarian diet or to simply incorporate more healthy options in their lives for themselves and their families.


      The dishes are easy to prepare, great tasting "Vegetarian Soul Food" and ethnic style recipes from common vegetarian items that can be found in most grocery stores that taste great! Most of our meat eating friends had NO IDEA that they were not eating real meat when they ate my food because I simply used my Mom's southern cooking as a baseline and then just substituted the meat. "Throwin' Down" Vegetarian Style! is actually more a "workbook" or a "manual" than a "cookbook" because it contains detailed personal and scientific information about our vegetarian evolution, raising our children as vegetarian, and how our diet has been a blessing to our lives and for our friends as well. Our family is a living example that it is possible to be vegetarian, eat well, and be athletic and strong. Basically, Kamaal (my daughter and co-author) and I have "cracked the code" and taken the mystery and confusion out of vegetarian living by providing tips and recipes that are not only healthy but also very hearty and tasty and reminiscent of the foods we all grew up with. We like to think that we have bridged the gap between eating "good" and eating "right." You should not have to choose between the two. We don't!


      Please help me get the word out! I am available for interviews, appearances, etc. and am committed to sharing our lifestyle and its benefits with the intention of helping others. After 24 years of corporate America (as a CPA), I have decided to pursue this mission full time because I am passionate about the health of all people and want to do my part to help those transition to a healthier, less cruel, environmentally friendly way of life.


      Check out our site for testimonials, pictures, recipes, videos, and to order the cookbook (free shipping for a limited time only!).


      Thank you!


      Martha Theus

      21st Century Vegetarians