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Drum & Dance in So.CA

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    You are invited to attend a Rhythm Journey Village Retreat Thursday July 18th, Noon - Sunday July 21st, 5:00pm This four day Rhythm Journey Village experience
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      You are invited to attend a Rhythm Journey Village Retreat
      Thursday July 18th, Noon - Sunday July 21st, 5:00pm

      This four day Rhythm Journey Village experience is our 5th annual offering
      to gather people from all walks of life, to celebrate, co-create, transcend
      and heal through rhythmical expression. Join us in the sacred circle...

      The Retreat Intention:
      Together we will weave a soul nurturing program, filled with magic, fun,
      friendship and creative expression. Spontaneously co-creating music and
      dance together as a synchronized group is an ancient celebration of the
      creative Spirit of Life. It's inspiring, healing and good for the
      soul...Connection to Spirit, self and others provides a profound sense of
      self realization, empowerment, community and a deeper understanding of the
      relationship dynamics that define the web of our lives. Learn healing arts
      techniques, explore music making and movement.

      The Rhythm Journey Village Activities:

      Djembe & Djun Djun Drumming:
      Paulo Mattioli facilitates drum classes where participants will learn
      rhythms, refine drumming skills, vocabulary and technique. All levels can
      participate and drums are provided. Paulo will facilitate Rhythm Journey
      Drum Circles, for joyful expression, emotional release, self empowerment,
      connection and celebration of our collective village spirit.

      Dumbek & Frame Drumming:
      Avi Sills offers basic techniques and rhythms on the Doumbek. Participants
      will also have the opportunity to play for the dancers. Avi is a tremendous
      percussionist and performing artist with a great passion for sharing his

      Rhythm Journey Movement Experience:
      Ninaya invites you to move from a feeling inside, from your essence, in a
      supported and non-judgemental space. Following the Dance Alive method, yoga
      and elemental movement, she inspires your inner dancer to come play.

      Dance Orientale and Zills:
      Tahya is a devoted performer and teacher, inviting you to journey toward
      self renewal, joy and sensous vitality. Awaken inner creativity while
      exploring sacred and secular music and dance of the Middle and Far East.

      Tinikling Dance:
      Ming utilizes movement as a spiritual practice and healing art. At our
      Rhyhtm Village she will offer you to join her in Tinikling, a traditional
      Philippine bamboo stick group dance, as well as help cook fabulous food for
      our village.

      Watsu(water shiatsu) & WaterDance:
      Explore cutting edge healing arts modalities done in the comfort of warm
      water. The class experience will give you the fundamental basics of these
      very popular and blissful massage modalities. (Private sessions are

      Hypno Yoga:
      Ellen Hauer is the creator of Hypno-Yoga, a creative discipline combining
      hypnosis, guided imagery, music, breath and the ancient practice of Yoga, to
      restore the memory of vibrant health, happiness and relaxation.

      Hatha , Aqua & Partner Yoga:
      Ninaya facilitates different styles of Yoga and wellness paths to invigorate
      the body, calm the mind and generate more life force. She welcomes you to
      stretch your Spirit and inspires the mind and body to dance in harmony!

      Special Reggae, Soca and Carribean Steel Band Concert and many more magical
      musical surprises...

      The Rhythm Journey Village:
      Is the Sacred Space for what we will hold and co-create. The "Rhythm Ranch"
      is located in southern California, just south of Corona at the base of the
      Santa Anna Mountains and 10,000 acres of National Forest. Located just one
      hour away from LA or San Diego and 20 minutes from Ontario airport. (shuttle
      service is available)
      Find your camping space inside the center or outside in the gardens. Feast
      on organic food, enjoy hiking in beautiful natural surroundings, soaking in
      the Watsu Pool, relaxing in the sun, sauna and mediation gardens.

      Registration and accommodations:
      The Rhythm Journey Village Retreat is limited to 20 persons for maximum
      personal attention and to deepen the personal connection to the creative
      process and eachother.
      Register ASAP to get the discount. A $50 non-refundable deposit is required
      to hold your space.
      Total cost is:
      - $495/person. Includes: Program, Delicious Healthy Meals & Group
      Accommodation (*Outdoor camping is optional and wonderful, bring a pad and
      - $295/person. Includes: Program, Food & No Accommodations ( for locals or
      those who prefer hotel).
      * Private accommodations at the nearby Country Inn Hotel 800-448-8810 (Ask
      for Vanessa and mention Mattioli /Rhythm Ranch for special discount room

      Contact us:
      e-mail: info@...
      website: http://www.rhythmjourney.com
      Toll Free: (800) SEE-DRUM (800-733-3786)

      Dance, Yoga, Hiking & Sleeping Gear, Bathing Suit, Towels, Journal &
      favorite Instrument (or borrow ours).

      *** Please Inform us if you have any special dietary needs, or other
      pertinent details or questions.

      In Rhythm & Wellness, Welcome!
      Ninaya & Paulo Mattioli

      P.S. Please pass this invitation on to others who you think might enjoy this
      event. If you would like to be removed from our e-mail invitations list, let
      us know ASAP. Or if you'd prefer to only hear about specific programs,
      please clairify and we will make adjustments to your interests. Namaste'

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