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Ndi Igbo Jikotanu Aka

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  • Harrison Nwozo
    Ndi Igbo Jikotanu Aka Click the link here : http://www.jaguda.com/2013/02/26/harrison-harry-baba-nwozo-jr-kc-soundclash-present-ndi-igbo-jikotanu-aka-mixtape/
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2013
      Ndi Igbo Jikotanu Aka

      Click the link here :

      to read what Ndi Igbo Jikotanu Aka is all about.

      Just in case the link does not work for you, this is the gist below:

      Award-winning, USA-based, Nigerian marketing strategist/promoter,
      Harrison “Harry Baba” Nwozo Jr., teams up with legendary USA-based
      Nigerian superstar DJ, KC Soundclash, to create an all Igbo mix-tape.
      This soon to be released compilation is called ” Ndi Igbo Jikotanu Aka”
      which means “Igbo people unite.” The mix-tape is a mixture of current
      popular hits from today’s hottest Igbo superstars like Flavor N’abania
      and P- Square,  and other well-known highlife classics.

      Harrison, who has had extensive involvement in the Nigerian music
      industry, particularly with promotion and planning of concerts and other major events in the United States, explained to Jaguda the source of
      his inspiration for the all Igbo mixtape. He said, ” There seems to be a vacuum in the mixtape industry with the number of Igbo artists that are out here and the number of songs that actually make it on to even the
      most diverse of mixtapes. Sometimes, there could be as few as two Igbo
      artists in a mixtape with as many as  sixty songs.” There’s a demand for more Igbo hits on mix tapes and there are also more emerging Igbo
      artists looking to get heard. The “Ndi Igbo Jikotanu Aka” mixtape is a
      platform that serves both purposes.
      Why I named the mixtape “Ndi Igbo Jikotanu Aka”? Well, it simply is a call for more unity among, not just Igbos, but Nigerians and Africans
      in general. It also underscores the fact that our roots are similar and
      that we are, in essence, family. We can all do more when it comes to
      working together, encouraging one another, lifting each other up and
      supporting one another in all things. I want to thank Superstar DJ KC
      for agreeing to do this in collaboration with Tribex Marketing Group. He complied the music, mixed, mastered the mixtape while Tribex Marketing
      Group provided concept, cover art and marketing.

      Booking information  for Superstar International DJ KC Soundclash : kcsoundclash@... , PH 301-343-9519

      Tribex Marketing Group (TMG)offers a range of innovative brand
      marketing, solutions, demand generation strategy, web development,
      graphic flier design, printing, and promotional services to businesses
      and organizations that are looking to expand their consumer base,
      increase revenue and strengthen their brands.

      Tribex Marketing Group’s  NEW website is currently being revamped and reconstructed but you can visit their Facebook page for more
      information at
      https://www.facebook.com/TribexMarketing/ and via email @ tribex2000@...
      Download of “Ndi Igbo Jikotanu Aka” Here : http://www.hulkshare.com/z38drqly598g

      Feel Free to forward this Email to other Igbo's and peoples of all races, cultures and traditions around the world.

      God bless you

      Harrison "Harry Baba" Nwozo
      Tribex Marketing Group

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