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Samba Mapangala releases new song for Kenya election

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  • ngomayetu
    Samba Mapangala releases new song for Kenya election For immediate release Oct. 2, 2012 In anticipation of Kenya s national election in March 2013, East
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      Samba Mapangala releases new song for Kenya election

      For immediate release Oct. 2, 2012

      In anticipation of Kenya's national election in March 2013, East
      Africa's most-beloved singer Samba Mapangala has recorded "Chagua
      Chagua" (Vote in Peace), an important new song that encourages people to
      choose their leaders wisely.

      Echoing the call by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and
      others for a fair democratic process free of fraud and violence, Samba
      reminds Kenyan citizens that a peaceful country will succeed
      economically in the future to the benefit of all, and can set an example
      for other African nations to follow.

      Samba Mapangala is renowned in East Africa for his many songs that
      counsel, teach and warn people to consider the consequences of their
      actions. The idea for "Chagua Chagua" was suggested by a Virunga fan in
      Kenya who asked him to compose a "message song" for the upcoming
      elections, saying Samba should encourage all citizens to register and to
      vote, and not to sell their voter's cards: "With your music, you can
      save the country because in Kenya everybody listens to your music."

      Samba took the suggestion to heart and created a lively soukous track
      that delivers the message to his audiences all over the world, stating:
      "I was happy to contribute to the country that I love, people that I
      love. Kenya is my home. I grew up there. I want to advise people to vote
      in peace. The violence that happened in 2007 must not happen again. I
      know people will listen and stand together. I'm doing my part and I call
      on all Kenyans to do their part for the good of the nation--all Kenyans,
      at home and abroad." Although composed with Kenya in mind, "Chagua
      Chagua" has universal implications for all nations facing the challenge
      of democratic elections.

      The unique video clip for "Chagua Chagua" was created by Maddo (Paul
      Kelemba), the groundbreaking editorial cartoonist for Kenya's The
      Standard newspaper. His widely popular comic strip "It's a Madd Madd
      World," which has run weekly for 23 years, comments on political and
      social life with humorous but informative anecdotes.

      Chagua Chagua was recorded in Arlington, Virgina and Paris, France, with
      John Bashengezi on guitars, bass and chorus, and Komba Bellow Mafwala on
      drums and percussion. It is available as a free download and streaming
      on the Web at Soundcloud
      <http://soundcloud.com/virungamgmt/chagua-remix-8-15-12> (MP3 and WAV
      formats), and posted on YouTube http://youtu.be/4Wa4W-dBmW0
      <http://youtu.be/4Wa4W-dBmW0> . Copies of the song and video for airplay
      are available by request to credentialed media outlets.

      CC Smith

      Virunga Management

      virungamgmt@... <mailto:virungamgmt@...>

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