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African Views Year End Newsletter December 31, 2010 (Happy New Year 2011)

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  • wale.idris@africanviews.org
    Information| Communication| Collaboration Dear valued friends and colleagues, Greetings! I will keep it short and simple with our last Newsletter for 2010. On
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      Information| Communication| Collaboration

      Dear valued friends and colleagues,

      Greetings! I will keep it short and simple with our last Newsletter for 2010. On behalf of our dedicated team, I would like to share with you some information that probably best describes our accomplishments this year:

      African Views Organization

      � May 22, 2010:
      AV produced Celebrate Diversity Day Festival at the Jackie Robinson Park in Harlem. The Event showcased arts and music performances that represented major cultural diversity of New York fabric as an appeal to further encourage racial and cultural tolerance in Manhattan Boroughs. The protagonists of this event were Frances Hanlon and Sacha Chavez

      � June 15, 2010:
      AV Framework online, which had been 2 years in the making, was successfully launched. The protagonist is Alex Wan.

      � August 15, 2010:
      AV signed a contract to collaborate with Global media Production, the producer of �The African View� to expand its media outreach. This partnership was drawn with the internationally acclaimed show Host Bookie Shonuga, which gave us new exposure to Radio and TV coverage in the African Views framework.

      � August 21, 2010:
      Kwanisai Mafa signed on as the first country manager for Zimbabwe. He offered 25 acres of farmland in Gweru (one of the most beautiful cities in the world) for African Views project. AV plans to build its first African Cultural Exchange Institute on the property. This project will be our flagship project for 2011.

      � October 8, 2010:
      AV held an all day conference at the Permanent Mission of Nigeria in New York to commemorate Nigeria 50th independent anniversary. The Event showcased
      several notable speakers including Gabriel Okara, Best All-Around" award winner, Nigerian Festival of Art, 1953, for "Call of the River Nun"; Commonwealth Joint Poetry Award, 1979, for The Fisherman's Invocation; Stephen Hendel, the lead producer of Fela on Broadway, Bola Okezie, President of African Student Association at Lehman College; Nicholas Owoyemi, president of Africa Monitor and several other notable speakers, including Editor of Africa Applause magazine, Debo Folorunsho. The moderators were Paul Adujie and Bookie Shonuga.

      � October 11, 2010:
      AV did TV coverage of the 50 distinguished Nigerians event at the Sheraton Hotel in Hauppauge, New York. The event was in recognition of the contributions made by diaspora Nigerians in different professional fields. Bookie Shonuga interviewed more than 30 award recipients. The event was a brain child of Laolu Akande the event producer and a renowned journalist. Reward James, a very talented Cinematographer, covered the event.

      � October 23, 2010:
      AV Television covered SOMPATT 2010, an all day conference at Boston University on Highlighting the Educational and Cultural trends in the African Diaspora. Bookie Shonuga was able to interview notable scholars in the Massachusetts area including Dr. Willard Johnson, MIT; Dr. Joyce Hope Scott, Wheelock College; Mr. Abooubacar Sedikhe, Dr. Magueye Seck, Curry College; and several others. This event was made possible by Dovi Abbey.

      � November 30, 2010:
      AV held a conference on Haiti, titled - Why Couldn�t Haiti be Rescued. This Forum was conducted to facilitate a progress assessment report on behalf of the public, especially those who are affected emotionally and all who contributed conscientiously in every way possible toward the rescuing and rebuilding of Haiti. The event featured a panel of great scholars such as the Honorable Dr. Ron Daniels, president of Institute of the Black World; The Queen Mother and honored Mayor of Harlem, Dr. Delois Blakely; James Dorcely; Igeoma Simon, Paul Adujie and Mathias Resch. Bookie Shonuga, the Director of African Views Media Communications and the host of The African View Show moderated the event. The event was made possible by Matt Latham, Director of community programs at the Hoboken Library.

      � December 2, 2010
      AV launched African Views� African Cultural Exchange program for children at Brooklyn PS107. Its first program was designed for 3rd Graders (8years old) and featured 3 separate classes for about 100 kids. One class was a presentation and discussion on What is Africa and African. The 2nd class taught kids how to use recycle materials to create Ndebele dolls, an initiative of Lauren Purcell, AV�s Director of Children�s programs. The 3rd class was a dedicated African Music and dance class. This event was made possible by Maria D�Albert, PS107 PTA, Phillip St. Luce, Frances Hanlon, Bookie Shonuga and Lauren Purcel.

      � December 5, 2010:
      Kasandra Housley, African Views director of Outreach, finished writing the first article about African Views for We magazine.

      � December 18, 2010:
      African Views had its first Country Directors Meeting. AV Directors around the world were able to connect via Skype to discuss their roles, goals and expectations.

      � December 29, 2010:
      AV tested the stability of the AV framework and added some socially responsible monetizing components. Paid listing for AV business directory and we are very glad to announce that the AV Authors and Publishers market place is now open for business. Please bear in mind that adding these monetizing components is one of our strategies to meet financial and economic requirements for the Organization. AV will not be compromised by commercial interest and ads such as Google as Ad Sense and other pop-ups. Country managers will be able to earn a percentage of funds generated from the countries they manage. This is a much required incentive and only a tip of the iceberg in the opportunities that AV plans to unearth.

      Dear friends and colleagues: as you can see, the team at AV has been very busy since the framework was launched in June, 2010. African Views organization itself was registered on November 7, 2007. A lot of background work has gone into what AV has been able to achieve and its approach to improving social standards and relationship between cultural values. With AV�s strategy, we are convinced that will succeed in getting expected and desirable results.

      This is why we at AV are very grateful for your support, and we hope that you continue to spread the word. By today AV has more than 300 subscribers to the AV framework; 50 partners and volunteers, among which are about 8 country managers (200 more to go) and more than 6000 unique visitors have been on the framework since it was launched. These numbers are encouraging to us, and confirm that we are going in the right direction. AV will continue to gain relevance and as our work continues to make impact.

      Please remember that our ultimate goals are:
      (1) To promote strategies for fair representation and peace
      (2) Encourage ideas and actions to improve the conditions for human and societal developments.

      And, to achieve this we need to continue to attract and collaborate with like minded people. AV has incorporated a Facebook component to make logging into the framework easier. You are now able to share your thoughts, ideas, knowledge, experience and curiosities on the framework. As subscribers you have access to contribute content directly to the framework, either by your writing in the discourse and debates section or, uploading important document in the research and report sections, or adding relative videos to our country profile videos section, sharing your projects ideas that you need help with on Collaborative opportunities, publishing your book on AV Marketplace, and listing, rating and reviewing on our performance reviews component.

      It has been a great year and a successful one for all of us at AV. At this time we would like to say our heartfelt thanks to all who have worked odd hours to help make AV a reality. On behalf of the AV Organization, we acknowledge the contribution and support of the following people who have been helping us and influencing us many ways (list is not in any particular order):

      Bookie Shonuga, Media Communications
      Alex Wan, Web Engineer and Developer
      Kwanisai Mafa, Country Director Zimbabwe
      Alex Maxwell, Research
      Charlene Janecek, Outreach
      Charles Philips, Analyst
      Chisom Nwakpadolu, Country Director Romania
      Frances Hanlon, Director of Events/Coordination
      Kasandra Housley, AV Editor, and Director for AV Outreach
      Lauren Purcell, Director of Children programs
      Patrick R. Joseph, AV Director of Copy Editing
      Zenola Smith, AV Database Manager
      Alison McCann, Research intern
      Oreoluwa Adetola, Intern
      Chimeremueze Wokonko, Intern
      Dr. Cheryl Sterling, New York University
      Stephen Hendel, Fela On Broadway
      Timur Davis, Outreach, New Jersey
      Abdurrahman Nelson, Outreach Michigan State
      Praveena Vnathan, Web Developer
      Gene Adams. Professor at Bronx Community College
      Soumya Raman, Web Developer
      Ugoji Adama Eze, Barrister at law, UgojiEze�s Foundation
      Bola Okezie, President of the African Student Association at Lehman College
      Ulrike Reinhard, We Magazine, Who is Who Germany, Future Challenges (World Video Journalist)
      Joni Yecalsik, CEO Joniwellness.com
      Alejandro Schmeichler, Jreviews (Software Developer Joomla platform)
      Paul Adujie, Freelance Lawyer, Activist and Radio Host
      Ryan Rhode, Jdownloads
      Leong Ying, Klystar!

      On behalf of the AV Crew, Thank you!

      Happy new year!

      African Views Organization

      Wale Idris Ajibade
      Director of Research and Strategy

      This message, together with any attachments, is intended for African Views subscribers. We ask that you assist us in building, promoting, and sustaining the AV intelligence. If you have a listserv, please inform your network about the AV framework, tell them to register and support our effort. If not, send the link to friends, family, colleagues. We are also looking for additional researchers, qualitative and quantitative analysts, as well as editorial staff members. If you are interested, please send an email stating an indication of your interest directly to: av@...

      Thank you.

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