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Sebastopol:Okili Update – Good News & Celebration Feb 27

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  • Sabrina
    Okili Update – Good News & Celebration Feb 27 NOTE: A Reminder, or For those who don t know: On Monday April 20, 2009, Okili Nguebari, beloved friend of
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      Okili Update – Good News & Celebration Feb 27

      NOTE: A Reminder, or For those who don't know: On Monday April 20,
      2009, Okili Nguebari, beloved friend of many for the past nearly 30
      years, beloved husband of US Citizen Sabrina Krauss for 23 years,
      father of two American children ages 22 and 18, business owner, non
      profit founder of The United Africa Club, home owner, and tax payer,
      was abducted by the Dept. of Homeland Security, Immigration Customs and
      Enforcement (ICE) unit, in front of his home by six ICE Agents
      traveling from SF in 3 unmarked cars (talk about waste of tax dollars).

      ICE arrested him for a 26 year old outstanding order of deportation
      from an over stay of Student Visa. For the past 22 years his wife and
      he have been trying to make him legal, and for at least 15 of those
      years he was temporarily legal through a pending Amnesty Program. Just
      3 weeks prior to his being abducted he had met with an Immigration
      attorney and was set to start new appeals on his case in June. The ICE
      agents wasted no time in flying him by 2:00 AM April 21 to a remote,
      5000 bed, privately owned (Correction Corporation of America)
      Immigration Detention Facility in Eloy, AZ where he was held 3 long

      Thanks to the OVERWHELMING support from the many communities whose
      lives have been touched by Okili, people came together when his wife
      called for help and the first emergency fundraiser, "Free Okili",
      was held at the Sebastopol Community Center on May 22, 2009. He was
      released from the detention facility, as of July 18, thanks to the many
      prayers, community pressure, the help of Congressional persons, and
      because he appeared to be a qualified member of a class action law suit
      against the US regarding the Amnesty Program he'd initially been
      denied over 10 years ago (NWIRP vs. USCIS). When he was released there
      was another VERY supportive "He's Home" fundraiser on Aug. 28,
      2009, where Okili was the star of the party.

      After the second fundraiser, his lawyer, Florence M. Ndedi, applied
      for the Class Action Law Suit, NWIRP vs. USCIS, which gave him a
      temporary work permit while it was pending. He also filed an
      application for a Relative Alien, just incase the Amnesty was denied; IF
      it was denied, plan B was to re-open the old case and the entire can of
      worms regarding his overstay of student visa and a failed marriage of
      26 years ago; the one that prevented he and his wife from ever
      applying for his changed immigration status through their marriage
      without the threat of deportation. His family was prepared go before
      an immigration judge to attempt to over throw that old case.

      BUT MIRACLES DO HAPPEN! The last Okili update let people know that
      there had been a "good" interview with an immigration official
      regarding his Amnesty Application, and that now we just needed to wait
      and see. VOILA!!


      VOILA! As of today, Okili has been officially accepted into the
      Amnesty Class Action Law suit, giving him his actual Temporary Resident
      Visa (this is different and more than the temporary work permit
      he'd gotten a couple months ago). He will be eligible, within
      another 18 months, to apply for and receive his Permanent Resident
      Green Card or Citizenship (his choice). Either way, he is finally
      free to leave the country, free to see his family abroad, something he
      could never do for the last nearly 30 years; because if he left the
      country, he would not be allowed back in. And, we no longer have to
      consider opening another lengthy lawsuit and filing a waver regarding
      applying for legal status through our marriage, something we feared
      could drag things out for years.


      Because he feels so strongly about giving back to the community and
      others; reaching out to those others who need help; he has started
      working on The Okili Foundation. The main goal of this foundation is to
      fight for those other families who are left behind, struggling in the
      same situation as our family has. There is a website, under
      construction (some links make sense, others do not), in which we also
      could us some volunteer help to get it up and running properly. The
      site can be viewed at http://www.okilifoundation.com/


      We will be having an ecstatic, wild, and super fun event, while at the
      same time providing support to a few causes. First and foremost, this
      is a 3'd and final, "3 time's a charm", Fundraiser for
      Okili Nguebari's remaining legal fees. Secondly, there will be
      funds raised for Immigration Reform in America. Next, we are looking
      for a local representative of an organization that is accepting
      tangible items for our brothers and sisters hurting in Haiti. And,
      finally, there will be a shout out for support to The Sebastopol
      Community Center, a thriving community venue we ALL depend on, who is
      now hurting financially as well.

      CELEBRATE! Come and party with Okili on Feb 27, 2010. Here we have a
      diamond in the rough, finally some good news amidst the darkness, the
      coming of the light etc., after 30 years Okili is FINALLY FREE! There
      will be the famous African inspired dinner available (including Peanut
      sauce with greens…), a silent auction, and incredible live rhythmic
      dance music with sound provided by Archer Audio: Come dance live to,
      Onye Onyemaechi of Nigeria with Mendozone, Amadou Camara of Guinea,
      Okili Nguebari and Massengo Constant of Congo, Midnight Sun, Kim
      Atkinson and Carnival Spirit, Greg Trimble and friends, Jalahn Travis,
      Olembe Nguebari and more. Bring your drum for the large drum circle
      lead by Drummunity at the end of the evening. Also we will blessed
      with some words of prophetic wisdom by Native American Shamaness,
      ChoQosh Au Ho Oh.


      390 Morris St., Sebastopol

      TIME: 6 PM (dinner) - 12 AM


      SUGGESTED DONATION: $20. ($30 w/ dinner or dinner is only $10!)

      (more scrumptious details on dinner in future posting, or just ask)

      Pssst: Feb. 27 also happens to be Okili's Birthday…it was the
      date available at the center….

      OKILI'S LEGAL FEES: As we raise the Fun waves and energy in the
      evening, we will also be raising much needed funds. The main purpose of
      this fundraiser is to pay the final balance of legal fees to
      Okili's fantastic and extremely patient Attorney, Ms. Florence M.
      Ndedi. She has patiently been standing by, after having completed
      successfully with the Amnesty portion of our case, but still has agreed
      upon funds due her. Although there were funds raised in the last two
      events, some initial funds went to lawyers that were unable to help us
      and did charge substantial fees. Thank goodness we were lead to the
      right person who helped us honestly and professionally, at last.


      In addition to Okili's legal fees being raised, partial proceeds
      will also go to The Committee for Immigrant Rights of Sonoma County
      (http://www.immigrantrightssonoma.org/) which is a part of the Reform
      Immigration for America Campaign
      (http://reformimmigrationforamerica.org/ ) ; this is a campaign that is
      pushing for legislation to be passed in 2010 that aims to keep families
      united. Our family is not the only family that has struggled with the
      lack of laws, or non-laws that exist in our immigration system. We are
      just fortunate that this community has come together for us. Now
      we'd like to start paying it forward to the greater community at
      large who has not had the same support we have been blessed with.


      We are not sure this can be pulled off, but we would like to have a
      place for tangible, good quality (ONLY) items such as tents, closed toe
      shoes, bedding or sleeping bags, and medical supplies to be collected at
      our event. First off we need to find a rep from a reliable
      organization that will set up a barrel or box clearly marked that
      it's "Haitian Earth Quake Relief Donations" and to manage
      stuff as it comes in. No big truck loads of junk. Also we will need a
      rep or reps to take the stuff with them when they go as we will have A
      LOT to get out of the Community Center by no later than 1:00 AM. We
      will not be able to collect moneys at this event. We have started
      talking with some people about this, but it needs to be firmed up right
      away, if it is to be publicized. We, like everyone else wants to do
      something for our brothers and sisters in Haiti.


      Our wonderful and local Sebastopol Community Center needs support too!
      As the economy has been in such a recessive mood, the SCC has been
      increasingly losing their regular yearly sponsors that have been a
      mainstay to the center. According to Rob Cary, Director of the SCC,
      the sponsorships and rentals are the primary ways they receive income,
      and not the little every day classes that are held there providing the
      needed community wholeness.

      Being as we too are truly short on funds, the Sebastopol Community
      Center has GRACIOUSLY offered to co-sponsor this event. They will be
      receiving their rental fees at the end of the evening vs. requiring us
      to pay up front. In giving back to the Community Center, we will be
      helping them to collect email addresses for their data base, in the
      hopes of stimulating interest in new Sponsors. In my experience, this
      Community Center is like none other in this county. To directly
      contact them on the web go to: http://www.seb.org/index.html
      <http://www.seb.org/index.html> or call 707-823-1511.


      The United Africa Cub, founded by Okili Nguebari, will also be
      co-sponsoring this event in the form of providing the wine and beer
      sales license and needed tax deductions to the various businesses who
      are donating foods and beverages to this cause.


      The community has more than helped us get to where we are, and we need
      you to not forget us, more than ever now. Please open your hearts and
      let us in. It is through your loving support that will keep us paying
      it forward, and what makes the world go round.

      VOLUNTEERS - Contact Sabrina Krauss via email: sabrinajk@...

      -Kitchen help (food prep, serving, and cleaning –we also really
      need people who love to -cook chicken on an oven grill or BBQ)

      -Set up help

      -Tear Down / Clean Up Help (We MUST be OUT COMPLETELY by 1:00 AM

      -And maybe a few other things

      AUCTION ITEMS - Contact Miriam Gaon via email: rdytretire@...

      We will be having a Silent Auction in the little side room again, and
      Miriam is the angel who is helping us with it this time. Ideas for
      items to donate include items of good quality / beauty, Certificates
      for services, classes, restaurants, etc., Big ticket items like
      vacations, special events, etc. For an in-depth list of ideas go here:

      <http://okililegalfunds.chipin.com/okili-nguebari-legal-fund> to
      donate directly to our PayPal Account. Or email: sabrinak@...
      <mailto:sabrinak@...> for an address to snail mail to.


      At this event we hope to be able to offer some financial compensation
      to the musicians, although they all know we do not currently have the
      financial backing to offer a "Guarantee". We especially feel
      strongly about offering at least some symbolic amount, and in these
      financially trying times, we can only ask of a greater collective
      consciousness for these gifts. If you feel especially inclined to offer
      a donation toward the musicians, please email sabrinak@...
      <mailto:sabrinak@...> so that we can properly allocate the


      In the past we have had some lovely decorations loaned to us. We have
      the cool African Backdrop painted by Sandor Diabankouezi, but any other
      wall hangings, Greenery, that can be borrowed, would be awesome.


      Sabrina and Okili

      sabrinak@... <mailto:sabrinak@...>

      okili@... <mailto:okili@...>


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