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Rotterdam, NL: WOMEX Newsletter # 12/01

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    Dear African Music Group, THANK YOU merci beaucoup, gracias, obrigado, bedankt, grazie, dankeschön to all those who turned WOMEX 2001 in Rotterdam once again
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      Dear African Music Group,

      merci beaucoup, gracias, obrigado, bedankt, grazie, dankesch�n to all
      those who turned WOMEX 2001 in Rotterdam once again into the number one
      networking place for world, roots, folk, ethnic, traditional and local
      music of all kinds! We hope you all enjoyed the four day mix of buzzing
      business, cultural exchange and fiesta and returned safe and happy and
      with your heads and bags full of new contacts, ideas and sounds.

      WOMEX Rotterdam 2001 was
      - over 1600 delegates / 950 companies from more than 80 countries
      including more than 200 journalists
      - more than 350 artists in 36 showcases on 4 stages and in the WOMEXclub
      - more than 50 speakers in 33 conference sessions and 4 daycases as part
      of the conference
      - more than 200 exhibitors in 146 trade fair stands, including various
      umbrella stands of countries, regions, networks and other joint-venture
      - the official offWOMEX programme with after-conference invitations,
      presentations, meetings, receptions, press-conferences as well as
      showcases on 2 additional stages
      - the regional WOMEXfocus featuring BeNeLux with 19 stands, 7 conference
      sessions and 7 showcases
      - the WOMEXaward to honour the late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Qawal giant
      of Pakistan, for his outstanding contribution to World Music
      - the further development of the virtualWOMEX, the complimentary
      all-year-long-internet trade fair for World Music, and the welcomed
      presentation of the virtualConcerthall by Mondomix, Paris.

      The virtualWOMEX is your place to keep new and old WOMEX contacts fresh
      and juicy, to announce your latest news or to search for whatever new
      contacts you need between the last and the next WOMEX. Every WOMEX 2001
      delegate has free access to and is listed in this virtual year-round
      World Music market place - don't miss this tool for your business! If
      you don't have your password yet, mailto:password@...

      Please give us your comments about shortcomings, great moments,
      discoveries...and improvements and aspects that you'd like to see
      developed in the next edition of WOMEX. Go to the conference hall at
      virtualWOMEX under
      and let us know! And if you covered WOMEX 2001 for the media or found a
      piece by somebody else, please make us happy and send us a copy. And if
      you can send us the translation of "thank you" in your language you
      could make our Brogan Darectar happy as well.

      THE WINNER IS ...
      The winners of the BBC Radio 3 Awards For World Music are still a
      secret until 5 Jan 02. But we can already announce the winner from
      among the WOMEX delegates who participated in the nomination process:
      PETR DORUZKA from Prague. He is invited to come to London and join the
      locals in the BBC Radio 3 Awards celebration on 28 Jan 02. The
      invitation includes flights and hotel, tickets and backstage-passes for
      2 persons. Congratulations. If you want to know more about the nominees,
      the winners (after 5 Jan) and the event just go to

      As always, after WOMEX is before WOMEX. So keep in mind that the
      deadline for SHOWCASE, CONFERENCE SESSION and AWARD proposals for WOMEX
      2002 (24 - 27 Oct 2002) will be as early as 31 May. For all proposals
      please note that the WOMEXfocus 2002 will be the music around the Indian
      Ocean. Updated proposal forms as well as everything else you want to
      know about WOMEX but never found time to ask can be found from January
      on at http://www.womex.com

      Spread the groove and stay in touch - worldwide!

      Your WOMEX team at Piranha Kultur, Berlin
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