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ANN: African music additions at cdRoots for November 2008

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  • cliff
    cdRoots New Additions http://www.cdroots.com Thanks for your continued support and patronage. Cliff ... New in the catalog: Amadou Sodia - Ça va se savoir
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      cdRoots New Additions
      Thanks for your continued support and patronage.


      New in the catalog:

      Amadou Sodia - Ça va se savoir
      Amadou Sodia is a central figure in the vibrant music-scene of modern
      Guinea. Son of a poet, Amadou was born in the town of Fadama, close to
      the centre of present-day Guinea. He was born Amadou Doumbouya and it
      was as a Doumbouya that he joined the Horoya-Band, one of the most
      popular groups in Guinea in the 70s and 80s. While in demand for his
      mastery of the bolon (a 4-string harp), it is as a singer and composer
      that he's really made his mark. And on this recording, you get a
      telented backing worthy of greatness: Kante Manfila and Ousmane
      Kouyate on guitar, Djeli Moussa Diawara on kora, and Kerfala Kante and
      Sekouba Bambino on additional vocals. With its multi-layered
      arrangements that sensitively balance the electric with the acoustic,
      it is the perfect vehicle for a singer who is rooted in the past, yet
      singing for the present while looking to the future. Highly recommended.

      Mamadou Diabate - Douga Mansa
      His reputation as a kora virtuoso and tradition-based musical maverick
      is well known. In Diabate's hands, the kora proves capable of infinite
      variation, encompassing delicately articulated structures, swirling
      eddies of glissandi, pounding, vertical rhythms and roaring cataracts
      of arpeggio. On the opening track, an astounding range of simultaneous
      yet syncopated melodies and rhythms join and separate in a complex
      clarity that amazes. The 12 selections that follow are all equal to
      that moment,, showing a rich tradition that lives on in the hands of a

      El Tanbura - Between the Desert and the Sea
      El Tanbura is a collective of veteran Egyptian master musicians,
      singers, fishermen and philosophers. They hail from Port Said, the
      gateway to the Suez Canal and the world beyond. Like their hometown,
      El Tanbura boast influences from east and west (and north and south):
      Gallibiya, Levis and Gucci sunglasses, fez and Nike caps jostle for
      prominence. Their music is driven by the seductive call of the
      simsimiyya - an ancient lyre dating back to the Pharaohs, revered both
      for its mesmerizing properties and occult origins in ancient exorcism
      rituals. Founded in 1989, El Tanbura, and they have also collaborated
      with One Giant Leap on the forthcoming film 2sides2everything.

      Foday Musa Suso - The Two Worlds
      Foday Musa Suso is an internationally recognized musician and a
      Mandingo griot born in West Africa. Suso grew up in a society where
      griots function as walking libraries, singing their stories for the
      community while providing history, wisdom and entertainment. With this
      new album Suso displays virtuosic kora performances of his own
      compositions. Known also as a recording artist and collaborator, Suso
      has collaborated with artists like Philip Glass (whose own label
      released this CD) and the Kronos Quartet. This is a solo recording,
      just kora and occasionally voice.

      Mahsa and Marjan Vahdat - I Am Eve
      A new work by Iranian sisters Mahsa and Marjan Vahdat is a step away
      from the more contemporary collaboration they made in 2007 with
      Norwegian musicians. This time around, they work with Iranian
      musicians playing ney, setar, bass, synth, oud, doudouk, kamancha, daf
      and other percussion), and with the composer, arranger and producer
      Atabak Elyasi. Contributors include Pasha Hanjani and Amir Eslami
      (ney), Shervin Mohajer (kamancha), Shahram Gholami (oud), Ali Razmi
      and Atabak Elyasi (setar), Reza Asgarzadeh (doudouk), Babak Riahipour
      (bass), Ali Rahimi (daf and percussion).

      Various Artists - Punto and Trova of Sancti Spiritus (2 CDs)
      Sancti Spiritus, in the centre of Cuba now appears as the place where
      the cultures of Spain, Canaries and Africa, all deeply rooted locally,
      fused into original types of music. The many genres played here,
      guajira, trova, guaracha, bolero and diverse types of punto like the
      zesty controversias, are all spiced with popular poetry, subtle
      rhythms and harmonies, luminous timbres of the tres and the lute. This
      comprehensive collection explores both these types of music as well as
      the musical and cultural atmosphere of the region. Beautifully
      packaged 2 CD set in a hard cover book.

      Abdo Dagher - L'Egyptien
      Abdo Dagher was born in Egypt in 1936. He taught himself to play the
      oud when he was seven and a performance by a foreign soloist (possibly
      David Oistrakh) attracted him to the violin when he was ten. The
      greatest impact on Dagher's musical life goes back to the religious
      music performed by the Sufi orders, which he learned in his childhood.
      Dagher was a member of several famous Arabic orchestras including the
      one that accompanied Um Kulthum, the best-known singer in Egypt and
      the Arab world in the 20th century. It was not until 1992 that he
      started performing his own compositions.

      Omara Portuondo - Gracias
      Omara Portuondo celebrates her 60-year musical career with a brand new
      album. Her aim is to revisit the songs that she has found most moving
      and to work with the songwriters she most admires, such as Silvio
      Rodríguez, Pablo Milanés and Jorge Drexle. These are not, however, the
      only star guests on this recording. If the list were not already
      impressive enough, other great names include Chucho Valdés, African
      musician Richard Bona and Brazilian Chico Buarque. The primary group
      consists of three musicians that Portuondo has worked with in the past
      - pianist Roberto Fonseca, guitarist and musical director Swami Jr.
      and percussionist Andrés Coayo, along with the Israeli double bassist
      Avishai Cohen and percussionist Trilok Gurtu.

      Various Zambian artists - Zambian Roadside
      Zambia's Southern Province is vibrant with a large diversity of music
      - topical songs, unique guitar styles (often with home-made guitars),
      catchy tunes and rhythms, beautiful harmony singing, and interesting
      percussion. Field recorder Michael Baird calls it 'the roadside
      reality - the state of music as it is.'


      See more recent releases, new additions and restocks here:
      Mamadou Diabate - Douga Mansa
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      Zegar Zivi - Zegar Zivi (Zegar Lives)
      Natacha Atlas and Mazeeka Ensemble - Ana Hina
      Kayhan Kalhor and Brooklyn Rider - Silent City
      Eliza Carthy - Dreams Of Breathing Underwater
      Pamelo Mounk'a - L'incontournable
      VA - Authentic Rare Bluegrass: Independent Label Sides 1951-54
      VA - Little Walter and The Kings Of The Blues Harmonica: Blowin' and
      Catherine Russell - Sentimental Streak
      VA - Desert Blues 3
      InChanto - Città Sottili
      Les Primitifs du Futur - Tribal Musette
      Faraualla - Sospiro
      ipercussonici - Tuttipari
      Piero Brega - Fuori dal Paradiso
      Teatro Settimo - Uccelli
      Trouveur Valdotèn - Cromozome: Musique Traditionnelle des Alpes
      Francesco Banchini - Baqshish
      Hallelujah Chicken Run Band - Take One
      Mounira Mitchala - Talou Lena
      Elisa Vellia - Ahnaria
      Beata Soderberg and JusTango - Bailata
      Alistair Anderson - Concertina Workshop
      Peter Bellamy and friends - The Transports
      Camper Van Beethoven - Popular Songs Of Great Enduring Strength And
      Sacha Silva - Anatomy of a Coup
      Haugaard and Hoirup - Rejsedage/Travelling (CD/DVD)
      El Hadj N'Diaye - Geej
      Leroy Carr and Scrapper Blackwell - How Long Has That Evening Train

      cdRoots: http://www.cdroots.com
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      WEEKLY ENTERTAINMENT NEWS UPDATE African: Nigerians sweep MTV Africa music awards. See the full story and photos Reggae: Wailers band 28 years after Bob Marley
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        African: Nigerians sweep MTV Africa music awards. See the full story and photos
        Reggae: Wailers band 28 years after Bob Marley
        Kenyan: Atlanta 2009. Kenyan Thanksgiving weekend Reunion special. KE411.COM interviews the players (Takeover Deejays and 2Kat) and one of the people who started it all (Dj Oscar)
        Wahu becomes the first Kenyan and E. African to win the MTV Africa music awards.
        African: Talented kids from Ivory Coast (C�te d'Ivoire). You have to see the video to believe
        Reggae : We go back in time and dig up some original footage of the king himself. Bob Marley live in concert in Germany months before he died.
        Kenyan : Leo ni leo by Redsan. Has he finally found his real voice ?
        Marketplace special : Hip Hip Colony, the documentary about the Kenyan Hip Hop scene is on sale. Get the DVD for yourself or as a gift.
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