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Oakland, CA: Congolese Dance & Drum Conference

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  • Ms Golden
    Greetings, The CONGOLESE DANCE AND DRUM CONFERENCE 2007 will be held May 31st, - June 3rd, Oakland, CA, the venue is still to be determined. This will be an
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2007

      The CONGOLESE DANCE AND DRUM CONFERENCE 2007 will be held May 31st, - June
      3rd, Oakland, CA, the venue is still to be determined. This will be an
      event that you can’t miss so, please spread the word to everyone you know
      and feel free to print this information and distribute it. There has been a
      presence of Congolese people, meaning people from the countries named Congo
      in Central Africa, here in the United States for more than 30 years. These
      two countries in Central Africa are now called the Republic of the Congo, of
      which Brazzaville is its capitol, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo,
      of which Kinshasa is its capitol, hence the dual set of flags that will
      appear on the advertisement, as the people from both of these countries are
      the same people--Congolese people. The fact that this will be the first
      Congolese Dance and Drum Conference to exist in this country is why this
      event is history in the making and what makes it so special. I would like
      to emphasize the YOUTH Class which will teach drum and dance, and the
      LECTURE and discussions, which will be free to attend. So, come one, come
      all. This event is for all ages, dancers, non-dancers, drummers,
      non-drummers, spectators, etc. Hope to see you there! I will be sending
      another email once the schedule is set. The cost per class will be the same
      as before, $15 per dance class, $20 per drum class, $8 for youth class (ages
      4 -17, ages 3 and under FREE), and again all lectures/discussions are free.
      The time frame of the schedule is tentatively set for Thursday and Friday
      beginning around 5:30pm opening with a short lecture/discussion follolwed by
      two classes. Then Saturday (maybe) and Sunday will begin at 9:00am opening
      with lecture/discussion followed by the rest of the classes. The
      pre-registration deadline is May 27 for those that wish to take six or more
      classes, the cost will be $13 for those classes and they are to be chosen
      prior to the start of the conference. Also, the instructors and musicians
      are the same as last year aside from myself: Mbala Nkanga, Titos Sompa,
      Biza Sompa, Mbayero Louvouezo, Alain Moumbolo, Odile Wanuke, Portsha
      Jefferson (Haitian Dance), Constant Massengo, Armel Mampouya, Jean-Armel
      Mampouya, Mbay Louvouezo, and Lee Hetelson. All other details will be sent
      when they are confirmed. My apologies for delay in receiving this
      information if this is your first time hearing about it. However, if you
      attended last year, then you know that this is a must attend event and that
      it will be wonderful!!! So again, please help get the word out because all
      your efforts will be appreciated. Thanks.



      (510) 368-2475

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