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Berkeley,CA:What Does "Kotoja" really mean?

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  • BabaAfrica@aol.com
    What is Afrobeat music about? Is it political? Angry? Just for fun? In Africa, music expresses and heals the feelings of the people. Rhythm, dance, and
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 20, 2006
      What is Afrobeat music about? Is it "political?" Angry? Just for fun?
      In Africa, music expresses and heals the feelings of the people.
      Rhythm, dance, and melody bring us together. Songs can be lyrical, funny, angry,
      and ironic. Selfishness and vanity are condemned, while wisdom, beauty, and
      sharing are praised. Ancestors and deities are invoked and thanked for their
      We grew up playing Afrobeat and highlife music, with Fela and many other
      great African artists. We are reverent and respectful of the past masters.
      We care deeply about nurturing and sustaining traditions, while we put our
      own creativity and joy into our music.
      Put simply, the name of our band, "KOTOJA," means, in the Yoruba
      language of Nigeria, "Let's not fight." It expresses the truth that all our fates
      are tied together as one. Through our music, we ignite the energy to continue
      the struggle for peace and harmony in the world.
      We look forward to seeing you this Saturday!
      Peace and Love to You,
      Babá Ken & KOTOJA

      Saturday, October 21
      Dance to Afrobeat with
      Babá Ken & KOTOJA
      Live at Ashkenaz
      1317 San Pablo at Gilman in Berkeley
      510-525-5054 _www.Ashkenaz.com_ (http://www.Ashkenaz.com)
      Doors 8:30 pm; African dance lesson with Comfort Mensah at 9:00 pm; show
      9:30 pm
      $15 general/$13 students
      From the Ashkenaz calendar: "The Bay Area's leader in the World Beat and
      Afrobeat scene, Kotoja was created by Nigerian singer-bassist Babá Ken Okulolo
      and features bandmembers from West Africa and America playing a bubbling
      brew of African highlife, juju, jazz and world dance rhythms with driving
      guitars, riffing horns and persuasive percussion. New York clothier Dan Storper was
      so moved by a Kotoja concert in Golden Gate Park a decade back that he
      started the popular Putumayo record company, whose many releases feature positive,
      uplifting music from around the world in the spirit of Kotoja. "We see the
      world as one family," Okulolo says of Kotoja's style. "Our music expresses
      this message."
      For future events, please visit _www.africanmusicsource.com/concerts.html_
      (http://www.africanmusicsource.com/concerts.html) .

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