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San Jose, CA:46th Anniversay of the D.R. Congo independence day celebration

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  • Sabrina
    From: Sabrina Krauss Subject: 46th Anniversary of the D. R. of Congo Independence Celebration Date: Saturday, July 01, 2006 12:09 AM
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      From: "Sabrina Krauss" <sabrinajk@...>
      Subject: 46th Anniversary of the D. R. of Congo Independence Celebration
      Date: Saturday, July 01, 2006 12:09 AM

      The Inga association is holding their 46th Anniversary D.R. of Congo
      independence Celebration, and everyone is invited to attend. The
      event promises to be a good one, if you can make it down to San Jose!
      The venue sounds good, holding about 250 people.



      Saturday, July 8, 2006

      5:00p.m to 2:00a.m.

      At Queen of Sheba

      1860 The Alameda

      San Jose, CA 95126


      Congolese Cultural Awareness Symposium, Various Children's Art

      Congolese Drums w/ Group Okili, Congolese Music & Dances, Delicious
      African Cuisine,

      46th Independence Anniversary of D.R. Congo, and more..

      Time Highlights:

      Doors Open @ 5:00p.m.

      Free Congolese Dance Lesson @ 7:00p.m.

      Delicious Congolese Cuisine will be served @ 8:00p.m.

      Independence Celebration starts @ 9:00p.m.


      $15 Couple, $10 Single, Kids free

      Event proceeds will benefit INGA Association-community initiatives.

      Contact Persons:

      Directions - Makuba (408) 243-2800; General Info - Fungula (209) 981-0899

      Foods (707) 349-3550; Kids Activities - Robert (916)-416-1301



      INGA Association will celebrate the

      46th Anniversary of the D. R. of Congo

      Independence. The historical event

      dated of June 30, 1960.

      On this date, Belgium-Congo recovered

      its sovereignty and its people became its

      own master again. Since then, Congo

      has been confronted with so many

      tragedies that have compromised its

      development until today

      First presidential and legislative

      elections are expected this coming July

      2006 with the hope to bring a new level

      of consciousness and a new period of

      peace, tranquility and progress needed.

      On July 8, 2006, our community will

      remember the Independence Day as an

      opportunity to celebrate our rich

      Congolese culture and traditions as well

      as a time to reflect on the history of our

      countries. Our Community Association

      has members from both Congo (Dem.

      Rep. of Congo & Republic of Congo).

      The two Congo have different colonial

      history (D. R. Congo was a Belgium

      colony and the other one a French

      colony). But both share some similar

      culture of music and dance. This special

      annual event aims to educate and raise

      the awareness of Congolese cultural in

      Northern California where members

      from both countries are engaged to

      promote their community through

      INGA Association. This year, the theme

      for the annual cultural extravaganza is:


      You are invited to a Special Congolese

      IfIfCultural Awareness Extravaganza
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