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Local musicians to team up with Samba Mapangala for EcoFest Concert

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  • ngomayetu
    Local musicians to team up with Samba Mapangala for EcoFest Concert http://home.comcast.net/~zzp/Poster_rd.JPG
    Message 1 of 1 , May 24, 2006
      Local musicians to team up with Samba Mapangala for EcoFest Concert


      Nairobi May 9, 2006 …Leading local musicians are set to team upwith
      legendary Congolese musician Samba Mapangala in this year'sEcofest,
      to be held at the Nairobi Arboretum on Sunday 4th June 2006.

      Local musicians led by Suzanna Owiyo, who trooped to the Arboretumto
      support the launch of this year's event, said they would use
      musicand art to sensitize the public about healthy living and
      theenvironment, in line with the Ecofest 2006 theme of Discovering Home.

      The organizers are using the festival as a medium to attract,inform and
      influence public knowledge of environmental problems andtheir solutions.

      "The Festival aims at solving environmental and social problems
      byshowcasing the work of local pioneers who are growing organic
      food,generating and saving energy, harvesting and purifying water,
      turningwaste into commodity and drawing new boundaries in art and
      culture,"said Ngugi Mutura, the Chairman of the Kenya Organic
      AgricultureNetwork, the event organizers.

      Among the local musicians set to promote the cause are the fastrising
      Cheche Group, modern taarab sensation Nyota Ndogo, benga singerPrincess
      Jully of Dunia Mbaya fame, rap artist Redsan, and SuzannaOwiyo of the
      popular Kisumu Number One track. Sarakasi acrobats &dancers will also be
      on hand to provide entertainment.

      Congolese Lingala crooner Samba Mapangala of the Orchestra VirungaBand
      will perform his famous songs as well as releases from his latestalbum,
      `Song and Dance' (2006), at a music concert to be held on
      Sunday4 June at the Nairobi Arboretum. His popular album releases
      include thecritically-acclaimed "Feet on Fire" in 1991,
      "Karibu Kenya" in 1995 and"Vunja Mifupa" (released in
      Kenya as "Confusion") in 1997 among othersongs.

      The musician, who is currently resident in the United States, hailsfrom
      Congo, Kinshasa and is believed to have derived immenseinspiration from
      Bukavu area around the volcanic Virunga Mountains.

      He first came to Kenya in 1975 and teamed up with Orchestra LeKinois,
      including the late Pele Ondindia (former footballer with GorMahia FC),
      Okello Jose Mtoto then of Kisumu (now based in Japan),Kasule Mopepe of
      Maria Wandaka fame among many other great artistes torock the Kenyan
      music scene.

      By the time he formed Virunga in 1981, Samba had become a householdname.
      Today he is one of the most successful African musicians residingabroad.
      Samba performed a six-concert tour in Tanzania in 2004, playingto packed
      stadiums around the country. He recently completed asuccessful UK tour
      in March 2006.

      Although Tanzanians are crazy about Samba because of his musicgenre,
      heavily influenced by scintillating and soothing rumba cum bengaballads,
      Samba has a bigger following in Kenya where he lived andperformed for
      more than two decades.

      Samba, who jets into the country on May 30, has continued to keephis
      music modern and relevant by mainly composing songs in Kiswahiliand

      EcoFest is being organised by the Kenya Organic Agriculture
      Network(KOAN) in close partnership with the Friends of Nairobi
      Arboretum(FONA). This year's theme is `Discovering Home'.

      KOAN chairman Ngugi Mutura says that the festivities are designedto
      educate people of all ages about practical environmental solutionswhile
      providing them with a packed programme of world-class music

      "The festivities will celebrate our rich cultural heritage as wellas
      showcase real solutions – such as organic agriculture – that
      benefitboth our environment and our economy," said Mutura.

      Advance adults tickets for the family show on Sunday June 4 arebeing
      sold at Sh300, while gate charges are Sh400. Children under theage of 18
      will pay Sh100 both for advance and gate charges. 10,000visitors are
      expected to attend this year's event.

      For more information, Contact Bob/Patrick @ Ogilvy T: 2717748/9, M:

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