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Santa Cruz, CA, USA: Mamady Keita and Moustapha Bangoura in 9/7-9

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  • Doug Kane
    Greetings folks - Tam Tam Mandingue Santa Cruz proudly presents West African drumming and dance workshops in Santa Cruz, featuring Master Drummer Mamady Keïta
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 19, 2001
      Greetings folks -

      Tam Tam Mandingue Santa Cruz proudly presents West African
      drumming and dance workshops in Santa Cruz, featuring Master
      Drummer Mamady Keïta and Master Dancer Moustapha Bangoura,
      both of Guinea.

      The classes will be on Friday, September 7, Saturday,
      September 8, and Sunday, September 9. Mamady will start the
      Friday schedule by teaching a djembe class for beginners at
      5:30 at Cayuga Vault, followed by a beginner level dance
      class with Moustapha at 7:30 at Pacific Cultural Center. On
      Saturday, Mamady will teach a beginner djembe class at 11:00
      am at Cayuga Vault. At 1:30, the classes move to Pacific
      Cultural Center, where Mamady will teach a dunun class,
      followed by an intermediate djembe class at 3:30, and an
      advanced djembe class at 5:15 pm. Moustapha will teach an
      intermediate/advanced dance class at 7:30 pm.

      On Sunday, all classes will be at Cayuga Vault. Mamady will
      teach three djembe classes, with the beginner class starting
      at 1:00, the intermediate class starting at 3:00, and the
      advanced class starting at 5:00.

      Pacific Cultural Center is at 1307 Seabright Avenue (at
      Broadway) and CayugaVault is at 1100 Soquel Avenue.

      Mamady Keïta was an original member of Ballet Djoliba, one
      of two national dance companies of Guinea, West Africa. He
      played with Ballet Djoliba for 26 years, serving as lead
      drummer and artistic director, the first drummer to hold
      that post. In 1988, after touring the world several times
      with the ballet, Mamady relocated to Brussels, Belgium.
      There, he founded and still directs Tam Tam Mandingue, his
      percussion school devoted to the traditional djembe/dunun
      music of his homeland. Today, students from throughout the
      world travel to Belgium to study at Tam Tam Mandingue, a
      testament to Mamady ’s exceptional teaching abilities.
      Mamady continues to travel the world, teaching and
      performing with his ensemble Sewa Kan as much as his
      schedule permits. Don’t miss this rare chance to study with
      one of the world’s best!

      Moustapha Bangoura was a premier dancer and choreographer
      with Les Ballets Africains , also a national dance company
      of Guinea, for 22 years. With the ballet, he has traveled to
      more than 165 capital cities around the world. After leaving
      the ballet, he founded his own school of dance and
      percussion, Le Bagatae. He teaches traditional dances of the
      Baga, Susu, Malinke, Toma, Foula and Konianké peoples.
      Moustapha teaches throughout the world and his cultural
      heritage, profound experience, and clear and patient
      teaching style stamp him as a world class master of
      traditional West African dance.

      FOR MORE INFORMATION: Call (831)336-8171 or email
      djembe@... or visit
    • Afriyie Lines
      Arzana le premier CD d Ablo Gandema nous offre une vision musicale du Pays Mossi qui complète avantageusement l éventail du Sound System burkina bè jusque
      Message 2 of 2 , Aug 19, 2001
        Arzana le premier CD d'Ablo Gandema nous offre une vision
        musicale du Pays Mossi qui complète avantageusement
        l'éventail du Sound System burkina bè jusque là plutôt
        teinté de "bobophilie" dans sa World Music Expression

        Le fondateur du Bendré Sound Orchestra persiste et signe en
        balisant les pistes qu'il avait déjà prospecté avec ses
        potes d'antan.Le B.S.O. fut sans doute éphémère mais d'une
        influence déterminante pour les musiciens qui le

        Animé d'une âme de forgeron intrépide il nous livre là 12
        titres qui méritent toute notre attention.D'un premier abord
        moins tape-à-l'oeil que la musique bobolaise,les plages
        sonores d'Ablo Gandema suscitent en nous une telle nostalgie
        que nulle traduction ne semble nécessaire

        Le miracle ne s'est pas accompli seul.La réunion de
        musiciens talentueux autour du Forgeron de la Savane donne
        un impact décisif à cette belle création qui a pour nom

        visite me at

        MODERATORS Rough Translation:

        Arzana first CD of Ablo Gandema offers a musical vision of
        the Mossi Country which supplements advantageously the range
        of Sound System burkina bè until rather tinted there
        "bobophilie" in its World Music Expression.

        The founder of Bendré Sound Orchestra persists and signs by
        marking out the tracks which it had already prospected with
        his pals of antan. The B.S.O. was undoubtedly transitory but
        of a determining influence for the musicians who made it up.

        There animated of an intrepid heart of blacksmith it
        delivers 12 titles to us which deserve all our attention.

        Less a first access slap-with-the eye that the music
        bobolaise, the sound ranges of Ablo Gandema cause in us such
        a nostalgia that no translation is necessary.

        This miracle was not achieved alone. The meeting of talented
        musicians around the Blacksmith of Savanna gives a decisive
        impact to this beautiful creation which has as a name

        Visit me at

        from tsetse webmonster
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