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Dr.Scenthole(Rap/Hiphop artiste) profile

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    ARTISTE PROFILE - DR. SCENTHOLE: THE PERSON Born to the family of Mr. & Mrs. Igbekele Oyinlade in Akure, Ondo State of Nigeria. He is at his mild-twenties.
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      Born to the family of Mr. & Mrs. Igbekele Oyinlade in Akure,
      Ondo State of Nigeria. He is at his mild-twenties.
      Dr.Scenthole discovered a love for music at a very tender
      age. The second of eight ( children. He started writing
      songs at the age of 10, and later joined his peer group in
      attending Literary and debating events that also featured
      singing competitions. Dr.Scenthole's hobbies are singing,
      reading writing and listening to music. He is a poet,
      novelist, playwright; he likes blue and white colors. While
      his favorite food is `Iyan & Ewedu' soup.


      Dr.Scenthole, has been described as a rare gem in today's
      Nigerian Music Industry. He is listed among the best
      contemporary male acts in Nigeria now. Dr.Scenthole first
      shot into limelight when his stunning performance with Mc
      Spaco & The Poetic Pop Crew at his first ever Benson &
      Hedges Show @ Akure 1999 & 2000 respectively, and a host of
      others. This commendable performance was shown on TV
      stations across Lagos, Nigeria. Riding on his success, Dr.
      Scenthole registered his name as one of the most successful
      artistes in Nigeria. His first Promo single "Quack Love"
      where he campaigns against Child Abuse, broken marriages,
      EST was great. In no time he began aggressive marketing of
      his product becoming one of the Nigeria-based artistes to
      sell a single track due to pressure from few of his fans who
      demanded for it. The first promotional single "Quack Love"
      won accolades among organizations in the country, which
      fetch him his first Award as "The Best Hip-hop Artiste of
      The Year 2003" Courtesy The Pioneer Press Organization,
      College of education, Ikere, Ekiti State. Nigeria. Dr.
      Scenthole is currently the coordinator of Afro Hip-Hop
      Society Of Nigeria. (AHHSN) Ondo & Ekiti States chapter, and
      member of African Hip hop Organization,

      Performing Musician Association of Nigeria (PMAN). Between
      his rise to fame and now, Dr.Scenthole has performed in
      several choice venues in Nigeria. Apart from Music,
      Dr.Scenthole is a Radio & TV presenter.


      As a professional Radio presenter, Dr.Scenthole has learnt
      that in order to appeal to people, you have to have
      something they can identify with - thus, his music:
      "Hip-Hop, Rap distinctively blended with African flavour for
      the listening Pleasure of The African man". And then it is
      further packaged to appeal to the international community,
      to learn from our innumerable African Hip-hop concepts as he
      believes that every ear enjoys good music. Dr. Scenthole
      also has a great love for African Culture. This is
      exemplified in his follow-up single "Learn From Me", which
      has Yoruba (a south western part of Nigerian's language),
      pidgin and English Language rendered verses. He had featured
      in many other artistes' music

      E.g.: Ambassador Tunde Akins, a juju maestro singer and
      chairman of Performing Musician Association of Nigeria
      (PMAN, Akure chapter), Kenny Glorious, the son of the legend
      High life singer Wale Glorious, Hip- Hop group called Out B
      Reveries EST.


      By the time "Learn from me" finally hit some radio, TV and
      the streets in August 2004, Dr.Scenthole had become a force
      to recon with both inside and outside Nigeria. The feedback
      from his fans base in New York, to London to South Africa
      was great. "Learn From Me", video is a playfully scripted
      song on the phenomenon called Hip Hop which has come to stay
      and become an imbibing culture in Africa. Dr.Scenthole wants
      all to see the true pix of Hip Hop in Africa, feel the
      culture, Language, Melody so that fans outside the terrain
      of Africa can learn from our innumerable African Hip Hop
      concepts. Hip Hop is been polluted, abused and rubbished now
      as those who know next to nothing about it are forcing
      themselves mostly with bad lyrics, concept, copycats &
      over-lifting, interpolation, est. which is endangering Hip
      Hop continuity. The track analyzed all the mistakes and
      called on all Hip Hop artistes concern to correct their
      lapses. He however praises all broth as & sisters, corporate
      and media organizations that are promoting and making our
      own Hip-hop an imbibing culture in and outside the terrain
      of Africa. The audio and video is currently enjoying massive
      airplay on some radio and TV stations respectively in
      Nigeria and abroad e.g. Channel 0, Ben TV London EST.


      "I intend to bring Hip Hop to Africans in a way they have
      never heard before. I want to show kids coming up that they
      can be funky while staying true to the Origins of our
      culture. These would be variety, a blend of English, Pidgin
      and Yoruba vibes (A south-western part of Nigerian

      " I work with Holes Family Entertainment in Nigeria but not
      signed or contractually committed to any Label or company
      exclusively. I am a free agent willing to work with any
      company within and outside Nigeria".

      For commercial interests, business opportunities, and investment
      relations, contact
      Holes Family Entertainment e-mail: holesfamilyent@...
      Tel: +234 803 826 7683
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