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Musiques d'Afrique newsletter No. 28 (May-August 2004)

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  • Frank Bessem
    Musiques d Afrique newsletter No. 28 (May-August 2004) Dear African Music fan, It has been a long time since you last received the Musiques d Afrique
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 30, 2004
      Musiques d'Afrique newsletter No. 28 (May-August 2004)

      Dear African Music fan,

      It has been a long time since you last received the Musiques d'Afrique newsletter. Nevertheless, the Musiques d'Afrique web site ( http://www.geocities.com/fbessem/musique.html ) has been continuously updated over the last four (!) months (May-August 2004).

      The site now features 200 pages on 200 artists, bands and solo musicians, with more than 1450 albums mentioned, of which more than 400 albums featured in detail in separate pop-up windows.

      1. Musiques d’Afrique update: eight (8) new artist pages have been added:

      Bana OK (Congo):

      Bana OK is one of the off-shoots of the legendary T.P. OK Jazz. Prominent band members such as Simaro, Josky, Ndombe Opetum try to carry on the musical heritage of Franco’s TPOK Jazz;

      Devally Inac (Cameroon):

      A first album of Devally Inac will be released in early September. Devally, from the northern savannahs of Cameroon, has been playing with the group Faadah Kawtal and now comes with a first solo album called "Jam-Na". The songs on the album vary from regional rhythms such as Goumba Balewa, via afropop to reggae. His razor sharp voice cuts through your CD player, and the melodies from North Cameroon make you smile. Instrumental backup from Valery Lobé on drums, Guy Nsangue on bass, Thierry Galion on keyboards and arrangements, and Sali Gondjeh (from Faadah Kawtal) on guitar, garaya and backing vocals. Coco Mbassi and Hadja Kouyaté also participate as backing vocalists;

      Kélétigui Diabaté (Mali):

      The grand old man of the Malian balafon. He played with the Maravillas du Mali and the legendary Orchestra National “A”. Although in his seventies, he now released a first solo album, Sandiya with an acoustic and soft jazzy feel. An essential CD!

      Karma Pa (Congo):

      A new Congolese star: Le Karma Pa. His debut album Je m'appelle toi (Love moi) has been quite a success in Kinshasa. There is hope again for Congolese music!

      Etienne Mbappé (Cameroon):

      Famous bassist from Cameroon, who has played with Joe Zawinul’s Syndicate, Salif Keita, Touré Kunda, Manu Dibango, Ray Lema and many others has made a first album in his own name;

      Nyboma (Congo):

      Successful singer whose career started more than 30 years ago. Nyboma was popular for his crystal clear voice and he has sung for many bands, from Lipua Lipua through Les Quatres Etoiles to Kekele;

      Ali Boulo Santo (Senegal):

      Senegalese kora player Dieuorou Cissoko, a.k.a. Ali Boulo Santo, has released a first solo album in July on the Frikyiwa label. He has played with Hadja Kouyaté on her first album "Manding-Ko" (2001, Frikyiwa) and was the first to use a wah-wah pedal on his kora years ago. He creatively mixes the traditional Mandingo kora music with Senegalese and international rhythms without doing harm to the sound of this 21-string harplute from West Africa;

      Tinariwen (Mali):

      The Touareg band Tinariwen from Mali has been added to the Musiques d'Afrique site. Tinariwen just released their 2nd CD. Based on traditional touareg songs, their music has been subject to influences of western music (blues) and music from the Middle east.

      Several existing pages have been updated:

      The pages about Samba Mapangala & Orchestra Virunga, Tiken Jah Fakoly, Papa Noel, Ali Baba, and Mamadou Doumbia & Mandinka have been revised, corrected and completed;

      The pages on Music Festivals in Europe and Africa have been updated with more dates.

      2. Musiques d’Afrique CD web shop

      The CD web shop provides rare albums from Africa (mainly West Africa) not (yet) distributed internationally. At the moment, a small number of CDs mainly from Mali and Burkina Faso are available. Don't miss these unique recordings:

      Yeli Fuzzo: Je rap donc je suis,

      Fanga Fing: Fanga Follo,

      Dene Issebere: Djigui,

      Saramaya: Mougnou,

      George Darko: Odo Colour,

      Issa Sow & Gorée: Sama Jaay,

      Les Frères Guissé: Fouta,

      Koffi Olomide: V12,

      Kanda Bongo Man: Zing Zong.

      In the near future, more albums will be available.

      3. African music news:

      Various new albums have been released in the past weeks. Most of these are featured on the Musiques d'Afrique site :

      - Adama Yalomba - Dumuninko - Mali - June 2004

      - Djagbawara Sali - Wassolon Sira - Mali - June 2004

      - Issa Bagayogo - Tassoumakan - Mali - Aug/Sept 2004

      - Adja Soumano - Kokabere - Mali - 2004

      - Ankata - Komanania - Mali - June 2004

      - Macire Sylla - Sarefi - Guinea - June 2004

      - Sekou Bembeya Diabaté - Guitar Fo - Guinea - June 2004

      - Sekouba Bambino - Ambiance Ballon - Guinea - 2004

      - Ali Boulo Santo - Komo Félé - Senegal - July 2004

      - Omar Ka - Soruuna - Senegal - June 2004

      - Viviane - Esprit - Senegal - July 2004

      - Youssou N’Dour - Egypt - Senegal - June 2004

      - Youssou N’Dour - Bercy 2004 - Senegal - July 2004

      - Fallou Dieng - Licii Jamano - Senegal - 2004

      - Daby Touré - Diam - Senegal/Mauritania - July 2004

      - Meiway - Golgotha - Cote d'Ivoire - June 2004

      - Woya - Hier, aujourd’hui, toujours - Cote d’Ivoire - 2004

      - Angelique Kidjo - Oyaya ! - Benin - May 2004

      - Jacky Kingue - Le messager - Cameroon - 2004

      - Majoie l’Ambianceur - Double’Am Passion - Cameroon - May 2004

      - Narcisse Pryze - Love & Love - Cameroon - 2004

      - G. Toto/Lokua Kanza/R. Bona - Toto Bona Lokua - Antilles/Cameroon/Congo 2004

      - Madilu - Le tenant du titre - Congo - May 2004

      - Ballou Canta & Luciana - Rumba Lolango - Congo - June 2004

      - Felix Wazekwa - Et après... - Congo - August 2004

      - Volo Volo - Eyoma - Congo - June 2004

      - Modeste - Cyber Sapiens - Togo - 2004

      - Angelique Kidjo - Oyaya! - Benin - May 2004

      Albums in preparation:

      - Mory Kanté - Sabou - Guinea - September 2004

      - Lobi Traoré - Best of - Mali - September 2004

      - Tiken Jah Fakoly - Coup de gueule - Cote d’Ivoire - October 2004

      - Devally Inac - Djam-Na - Cameroon - September 2004

      - Zaiko Langa Langa - Empreinte (CD/DVD) - Congo - September 2004

      - J-B. M’Piana - Anti-Terro - Congo - September 2004

      - Koffi Olomide - Monde Arabe - Congo - September (?) 2004

      - Werrason - Alerte Generale (maxi-single) - Congo - September 2004

      - Kester Emeneya - Avantage Ya Goal Average - Congo - 2004

      - Jay Lou - Ebotan - Cameroon - 2004

      - Thione Seck - Orientissimo (CD) - Senegal - 2004

      Also: Magic System and Monique Seka are preparing new albums. For more news, please check regularly our pages for updates!

      If you have suggestions to add specific musicians or albums not mentioned on existing pages, do not hesitate to drop us a line.

      Feel free to take a look again.

      Kind regards,

      Frank Bessem
      Musiques d'Afrique
      fbessem @ yahoo.com (remove spaces – stop spam!)

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    • edwin hernandez
      i need music of Zaiko Langa or Franco Luambo Makiadi thank¡s [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
      Message 2 of 2 , Sep 3, 2004
        i need music of Zaiko Langa or Franco Luambo Makiadi


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