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Musiques d'Afrique newsletter No. 27 (March-April 2004)

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  • Frank Bessem
    Musiques d Afrique newsletter No. 27 (March-April 2004) Dear African Music fan, The Musiques d Afrique web site ( http://www.geocities.com/fbessem/musique.html
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2004
      Musiques d'Afrique newsletter No. 27 (March-April 2004)

      Dear African Music fan,

      The Musiques d'Afrique web site ( http://www.geocities.com/fbessem/musique.html ) has been updated again in the last two months (March-April 2004). The site now features 192 pages on 192 artists, bands and solo musicians, with almost 1400 albums mentioned, of which around 350 albums featured in detail in separate pop-up windows.

      1. Musiques d’Afrique update: six (6) new artist pages have been added:

      Queen Etémé (Cameroon):

      A first solo album was released late 2003 by Queen Eteme, who sung the backing vocals for Manu Dibango, Wes, Gino Sitson and Geoffrey Oryema. With her powerful alto voice she offers a mix of gospel influences and afro-jazz;

      Fanga Fing (Mali):

      Among the most important rap groups of Mali, with Yeli Fuzzo as prominent member. A second album is planned for 2004;

      Hadja Kouyaté (Guinea):

      One of my favourite mandingo griot singers from Guinea, who recently released a second solo album on the Frikyiwa label. After having been responsible of the backing vocals on numerous Guinean and Malian albums, she really deserves to be exposed as a solo artist. Her warm and powerful voice is a joy to listen to;

      Oliver N'Goma (Gabon):

      Afro-zouk singer from Gabon, who had a huge hit back in the nineties with « Bane ». After three albums, a compilation of his biggest hits was released in 2003;

      Lobi Traoré (Mali):

      Blues guitarist from Segou, although often compared with Ali Farka Touré, he is a bambara and uses musical traditions from the bambara. A new compilation of his best songs has been announced ;

      Woya (Côte d'Ivoire):

      Extremely popular band from Ivory Coast during the second half of the 1980s. Their mix of «fanfare», afro zouk and Ivorian rhythms was entirely new. Among the band members were Manou Gallo, David Tayorault and the late Marcellin Yacé.

      Several existing pages have been updated:

      New albums of Empire Bakuba, Nahawa Doumbia, K-Tino, Sékou Kouyaté, Zélé le Bombardier, Moni Bilé, Mamady Keita, Youssou N'Dour, Geoffrey Oryema and Diogal have been added;

      The pages on Music Festivals in Europe and Africa have been updated with more dates.

      2. Musiques d’Afrique CD web shop

      The CD web shop provides rare albums from Africa (mainly West Africa) not (yet) distributed internationally. At the moment, a small number of CDs mainly from Mali and Burkina Faso are available. Don't miss these unique recordings:

      Coumba Sidibé: Mansa,

      Les Escrocs: Kalan,

      Yeli Fuzzo: Je rap donc je suis,

      Fanga Fing: Fanga Follo,

      Dene Issebere: Djigui,

      Saramaya: Mougnou,

      George Darko: Odo Colour,

      Issa Sow & Gorée: Sama Jaay,

      Les Frères Guissé: Fouta,

      Koffi Olomide: V12,

      Kanda Bongo Man: Zing Zong.

      In the near future, more albums will be available.

      3. African music news:

      Various new albums have been released in the past weeks. Most of these are featured on the Musiques d'Afrique site except:

      - Etienne Mbappé - Misiya - Cameroon - April 2004

      - Viviane Etienne - Tendresse - Cameroon - April 2004

      - Ray Lema - Mizila - Congo - March 2004

      - Didier Masela - Zabala Bakulu - Congo - April 2004

      - Alain Mpela - Intifada (maxi-single) - Congo - March 2004

      Albums in preparation:

      - Adama Yalomba - Dumuninko - Mali - May 2004

      - Djagbawara Sali - Wassolon Sira - Mali - May 2004

      - Issa Bagayogo - Tassoumakan - Mali - June 2004

      - Lobi Traoré - Best of - Mali - April 2004

      - Zaiko Langa Langa - Empreinte (maxi-single/DVD) - Congo - June 2004

      - J-B. M’Piana - Anti-Terro - Congo - May/June 2004

      - Koffi Olomide - Monde Arabe - Congo - May/June 2004

      - Werrason - Miracle - Congo - 2004

      - Kester Emeneya - Avantage Ya Goal Average - Congo - 2004

      - Meiway - Golgotha - Cote d'Ivoire - June 2004

      - Jay Lou no title known - Cameroon - 2004

      - Thione Seck - Orientissimo (CD) - Senegal - 2004

      - Ali Boulo Santo - Komo Félé - Senegal - June 2004

      - Angelique Kidjo - Oyaya ! - Benin - 04 May 2004

      Also: Mory Kante, Magic System and Monique Seka are preparing new albums. For more news, please check regularly our pages for updates!

      If you have suggestions to add specific musicians or albums not mentioned on existing pages, do not hesitate to drop us a line.

      Feel free to take a look again.

      Kind regards,

      Frank Bessem
      Musiques d'Afrique
      fbessem @ yahoo.com (remove spaces – stop spam!)

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