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ANN: new African CDs at cdRoots

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  • cliff
    cdRoots New Additions http://www.cdroots.com e-mail address available at the web site. ... There are always a LOT of new titles added to the catalog. Always
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2004
      cdRoots New Additions
      e-mail address available at the web site.

      There are always a LOT of new titles added to the catalog. Always check:
      for the latest additions.

      Tulear Never Sleeps - Tsapiky guitar music from south west Madagascar
      Fierce, highly energized guitar music (electric and acoustic) from
      Tulear in Madagascar. Ian Anderson of fRoots says the set contains
      "the fearsome lead guitarists and full-scream singers who fuel the
      region's all night dances, plus a smattering of the acoustic roots of
      the genre. It's a set that's right up there with other legendary
      Earthworks compilations like The Indestructible Beat Of Soweto." (A
      lot of shops online and off are not stocking this wonderful release...
      a mystery to me! I have a good supply all the time.)

      Zion Roots - Abyssinia Infinite
      Featuring the great Ethiopian singer Ejigayehu 'Gigi' Shibabaw, this
      is a prime example of how to merge ancient sounds with modern
      technology. Produced by Bill Laswell, and featuring an excellent band
      from many places.

      The Drummers Of The Nile In Town: Cairosonic - Mahmoud Fadl
      Join Mahmoud Fadl on his walk down Cairo's Mohamed'Ali Street, the
      notorious musicians' hang out, where he meets up with master drummers
      Mohammed "Kallo" Sobhi and Magdi Berbish, the Khalil family (flagship
      of Said musicianship) and the legendary Hasaballah Brass Band of Egypt.

      Various artists - African Horns
      A long time personal pick, "African Horns" is a great set of music
      from South Africa, an inimitable mix of jazz and roots. It includes
      what is also one of my all time personal fave tracks in any genre, a
      raw and wonderful piece called "Next Stop Soweto" that features
      Abdullah Ibrahim (Dollar Brand) on cello as the rhythm section.

      Paroles d'Anges - Armand Amar
      A global opera composed by Amar and choreographed by Anne Marie Porras
      is loosely based on traditional themes from India, Turkey and Morocco,
      but ultimately it is a modern conceit, a swirling mirage of musicial
      sounds, full of percussive energy and great voices. Musicans include
      John Boewell - tabla and percussion, Gewar Khan, Kamaycha, Abdul
      Racheed Khan - voices, Hardun Teboul- lute, Didier Francois
      -nyckelharpa and violoncello, and Laurent Levesque - keyboards


      Not too far out of Africa:

      World 2003
      BBC Radio host Charlie Gillett compiles a 2 CD set of his personal and
      often quirky choices for the best world music available in 2003. It's
      a worthy compilation for anyone looking to broaden their horizons and
      Gillette's choices are definitely genre-bending.

      Al-Kindi Ensemble w/ Sheikh Habboush - Aleppian Sufi Transe (2 CD set)
      Sheikh Habboush is a Sufi cantor and a spiritual leader with uncommon
      vocal talents and irresistible charisma. The Al Kindi Ensemble's 2 CD
      set offers a selection of music exploring the texts of the great Sufi
      masters. The unusual mingling of voice and strings adds depth to the
      ecstatic chanting of Sheikh Habboush. The Al-Kindî Ensemble, founded
      by the French qânûn player Julien Jâlal Eddine Weiss is currently
      considered among the best groups devoted to classical Arab music.

      Mesopotamia (2 CD set) - Munir Bashir
      Munir Bashir descended from a long line of Iraqi musicians, regarded a
      supreme master of his instrument, the oud, and a leading
      representative of the musical tradition called the Maqam. He shapes
      the modal structure of the Maqam and renders a highly charged
      emotional atmosphere. Bashir is to Iraqi music what Ravi Shankar is to
      Indian - its most famous exponent, revered the world over, and the
      face of his nation's music to a global audience. This double CD set
      presents completely new and unissued material.

      Zifna - Etnika
      The second recording from this innovative band from Malta, Etnika once
      again explores the roots of their local music as well as expanding the
      tradition into the new century. The band has grown into a small
      orchestra of traditional and contemporary instruments, with the
      rasping wail of the zummara and zaqq (bagpipe), the strum of the
      mandolin, the pluck of the violin, the beat of the drum and the roar
      of the electric bass and keyboards all adding new meaning to the old

      It's About Time - Mikata
      Mikata, based in New Haven, CT, has been performing traditional
      African and neo-African music nationally and internationally since
      1980. The group performs traditional music from West and Central
      Africa, the Caribbean and Brazil and also performs original music with
      an African/Latin groove and a strong message of social protest.
      Personal favorites from my own backyard.

      Other recent releases:

      Kekele - Congo Life
      A Banna! - Banda di Avola
      Arzan - La Lionetta
      Guzulka - Vladimir Denissenkov
      Different Tongues - Brian Peters
      Frontiera - Aes Dana
      Manouche e dintorni - Maurizio Geri Swingtet
      Passion du Tango - Sextet Mayor
      This Train - The Wayfaring Strangers
      Go Tell It On the Mountain - Blind Boys of Alabama - 14.99
      a la una (in the beginning) - Sarah Aroeste
      Atlas Travel - Don Rooke
      K - Kepa Junkera - BACK IN STOCK
      Om Sommeren - Haugaard and Hoirup
      Waltz Rromano - Earth-Wheel-Sky Band
      Les chemins des forains - Patrick Saussois & Alma Sinti
      Classic - Baltinget
      Fastland - Sula
      Concert Program - Penguin Cafe Orchestra
      Incanti - Elena Ledda

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