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Musiques d'Afrique newsletter No. 25 (Winter 2003-2004)

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  • Frank Bessem
    Musiques d Afrique newsletter No. 25 (Winter 2003-2004) Dear African Music fan, The Musiques d Afrique web site ( http://www.geocities.com/fbessem/musique.html
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 11, 2004
      Musiques d'Afrique newsletter No. 25 (Winter 2003-2004)

      Dear African Music fan,

      The Musiques d'Afrique web site ( http://www.geocities.com/fbessem/musique.html ) has been updated again in the last two months (November-December). The site now features 180 pages on 180 artists, bands and solo musicians, with more than 1300 albums mentioned, of which around 270 featured in detail in separate pop-up windows.

      As a result, the total number of page views has more than doubled in 2003 compared to 2002.

      1. Musiques d’Afrique update: six (6) new artist pages have been added:

      Pierrette Adams:

      Popular Congolese singer, since years living in Cote d’Ivoire (and since very recently in Senegal). She makes hot dance music, with lyrics full of social engagement addressing subjects such as child abuse;

      Sayon Camara:

      Energetic young lady from Guinea who makes dance music mixed with Guinean musical heritage. A big star in Conakry with two CDs out, but outside her country she is much less known, actually for no reason…;

      Ba Cissoko:

      Young trio of virtuose kora players, creating an unique blend of the traditional sound of Guinean string instruments with electrically enhanced kora and wah-wah pedal. They successfully toured in Europe before releasing their debut album;

      Ibro Diabaté:

      One of the bigger names of a younger generation of electro-griots from Guinea. Much respected in Guinea, and again lacking fame abroad. Gets support from star producer Boncana Maiga;


      Reuniting older Congolese rumba stars, Kékélé is reinventing the classic rumba with acoustic guitars. Composed of great singers and guitarists with impressive portfolios, they are sometimes referred to as the Congolese version of Buenavista Social Club. They deserve the same success;

      Papa Noel:

      Great guitarist, who has worked with big names in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s (TPOK Jazz among others), part of Kékélé for a while until he fell ill (Papa Noel is diabetic). His health condition still prevents him from performing, although he would very much get the recognition and success he indeed deserves.

      Several existing pages have been updated:

      New albums of Yaya Diallo, Manu Dibango, Hijas del Sol, Alioune Mbaye Nder, Omar Pene, and Fantani Touré have been added;

      The page on Alioune Mbaye Nder has been updated with more album details and/or extended discographies.

      2. Musiques d’Afrique CD web shop

      The CD web shop provides rare albums from Africa (mainly West Africa) not (yet) distributed internationally. At the moment, a small number of CDs mainly from Mali and Burkina Faso are available. Don't miss these unique recordings:

      Coumba Sidibé: Mansa,

      Les Escrocs: Kalan,

      Yeli Fuzzo: Je rap donc je suis,

      Fanga Fing: Fanga Follo,

      Dene Issebere: Djigui,

      Saramaya: Mougnou,

      Issa Sow & Gorée: Sama Jaay,

      Les Frères Guissé: Fouta.

      In the near future, more albums will be available.

      3. African music news:

      Various new albums have been released in the past weeks:

      - Zoumana Tereta - Niger Blues - Mali - November

      - Ba Cissoko - Sabolan - Guinea – November

      - Faytinga - Erytrea - Erythrea- November

      - Papa Wemba - Somo Trop - Congo - November

      - Prince Alain Makaba - Ya Ku Dominer - Congo - December

      - Bana Kin - Tendance - Congo - November

      - Maika Munan - Congo Masters - Congo - November

      - Extra Musica Zangul - Obligatoire - Congo-Brazza - Out now!

      - Queen Eteme - Soki - Cameroon - November

      - Samy Diko - Perseverance - Cameroon - December

      - Petit Pays - Dieu le pere - Cameroon - December

      - Guy Lobe & Sergeo Polo - Cocktail - Cameroon - November

      - BBC Sound System - Na Banko - Senegal - December

      - Coumba Gawlo & S. Faye - Gawlo & Diego - Senegal - December

      - Youssou N’Dour - Sant - Senegal - December

      Albums in preparation:

      - Adama Yalomba - Yalomba - Mali - 2004

      - Issa Bagayogo - no title known - Mali - 2004

      - Sekou Kouyate - Fassan Diarabi (CD) - Mali - February 2004

      - J-B. M’Piana - Anti-Terro - Congo - 2004

      - Koffi Olomide - Monde Arabe - Congo - 2004

      - Werrason - Miracle - Congo - 2004

      - Jay Lou - no title known - Cameroon - 2004

      - Thione Seck - no title known - Senegal - 2004

      For more news, please check regularly our pages for updates!

      If you have suggestions to add specific musicians or albums not mentioned on existing pages, do not hesitate to drop us a line.

      Feel free to take a look again.

      Kind regards,

      Frank Bessem
      Musiques d'Afrique
      fbessem @ yahoo.com (remove spaces – stop spam!)

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