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Come to Guinea, West Africa in March-Study Drum & Dance on tropical island!

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  • dundunfola
    The elections are over, and there were no problems, but just in case, we mo= ved our usual January Workshop to March this year--so there s still plenty of time
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 2003
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      The elections are over, and there were no problems, but just
      in case, we mo== ved our usual January Workshop to March this
      year--so there's still plenty of time == to make arrangements
      to study traditional Drum and Dance with us in Guinea!

      The Company Forè-Foté Guinea Workshop is the highlight of
      our annual schedu== le and the best way to truly experience
      West African arts and culture. As the long== est running
      organized camp in Guinea, the workshop affords an artistic
      and cultural exc== hange unlike any other. From its amazing
      island village location and beautiful ne== w accommodations
      to its six hours a day of drum and dance instruction from
      ou== r master teachers, the workshop offers students from all
      parts of the globe t== he opportunity to totally immerse
      themselves in the music, dance and culture o== f West Africa
      and the sacred traditions of Guinea.

      Organizers & Instructors

      The Forè-Foté Guinea Workshop is organized by Master Drummer
      M. Lamine "Dib== o" Camara , brother A. Miguel Camara and
      accomplished percussionist, teacher, == and author, Ryan M.
      Camara. In addition, most of the intermediate and advanced =classes are instructed by Dibo, while Miguel works with
      beginning students to devel== op their skills. Our dance
      instructors are some of Guinea's finest artists, chosen n=ot only for their artistic achievement and Master Dancer
      status, but also for their abi== lity to successfully
      instruct students of all levels in traditional African

      The new Guinea Workshop dates are March 8 - 26th. This will
      be a full camp == with three hours of drum and three hours of
      dance per day and one, two or three == week residency
      options. Registration does not need to be completed until
      January== 30th. This will be the first time we are holding a
      camp in March and it presents == many fantastic new
      opportunities for students: Airline tickets are much
      cheaper! (We're pricing trips at $1,200.00 RT from== the West
      Coast) Special Spring Break Week Rates. (Most Universities
      Spring Breaks will occu== r during this year's camp! It is
      often difficult for Music or Dance students and tea== chers
      at Colleges and Universities to attend the workshop in
      January. With this year== 's March dates, however, you could
      be having the Spring Break experience of a lifeti== me on the
      beautiful Island of Roume for under $1700 (including
      airfare) and not miss == any classes. Special Travel Options
      to interior regions of the country. Since some of us== will
      be going early, there will be extra travel options, guided
      through the Fouta J== allon Region.

      We look forward to an awesome camp experience and can't wait
      to work with y== ou all. Please feel free to contact us with
      any questions at guineaworkshop@fore-fo== te.com or by
      calling 541-621-1815.

      For more information, visit the website at
      http://www.fore-fote.com/Framese== ts/ guinea_set.html

      See you in Africa!
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