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Musiques d'Afrique newsletter No. 20/21 (April/May 2003)

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  • Frank Bessem
    Musiques d Afrique newsletter No. 20/21 (April/May 2003) Dear African Music fan, The Musiques d Afrique web site (
    Message 1 of 1 , May 27, 2003
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      Musiques d'Afrique newsletter No. 20/21 (April/May 2003)

      Dear African Music fan,

      The Musiques d'Afrique web site (
      http://www.geocities.com/fbessem/musique.html ) has been
      updated again in April and May. The site now features 160
      pages on 160 artists, bands and solo musicians, with more
      than 1050 albums mentioned, of which around 150 featured in
      detail in separate pop-up windows.

      1. Musiques d’Afrique update: six (6) new artist pages have
      been added:


      Panafrican/world wide supergroup set up in 1992 by Ibrahima
      Sylla, Boncana Maiga and the late Pape Seck. Hardly needing
      an introduction, their African flavoured salsa music went
      around the globe, a brand new album «Martina» will
      prolongate the success undoubtedly;

      Reddy Amisi:

      Talented singer from Congo, who learnt the business in Papa
      Wemba's Viva la Musica. After numerous albums with Viva La
      Musica, Reddy is now ready for a solo career with a newly
      established group Casa Do Canto. A new album is out in
      January 2003;


      Group from Burkina Faso, already toured around Europe, now
      finally with a first CD available in Europe.
      Semi-traditional music with lots of percussion and balafon
      (African xylophone), full of energy;


      Another group from Burkina Faso, playing more or less in the
      same style as Djiguiya. Great solo's of the pentatonic
      balafons… Their CD is available through Musiques d'Afrique !
      This summer, they are touring in France;

      Mamou Sidibé:

      Young and talented singer from Mali. Her second CD is just
      out in Mali (and will be available through Musiques
      d'Afrique soon) and promises to become a big hit. Her style
      is close to that of Issa Bagaogo, which isn't a bad sign !

      Hadja Soumano:

      Yet another female singer from Mali, but one with a stunning
      voice, both powerful and warm. Hadja is underestimated in
      the West, few of her songs are commercially available at the
      moment. A shame…

      The CD web shop provides rare albums from Africa (mainly
      West Africa) not (yet) distributed internationally. At the
      moment, a small number of CDs mainly from Mali and Burkina
      Faso are available. Don't miss these unique recordings:

      Coumba Sidibé: Mansa,

      Adama Yalomba: M'bora (only one left!!),

      Les Escrocs: Kalan,

      Les Escrocs: Kokadjè,

      Dene Issebere: Djigui,

      Saramaya: Mougnou.

      In the near future, more albums will be offered.

      Several existing pages have been updated:

      New albums of Toumani Diabaté, Boubacar Traoré, Jean-Pierre
      Essome, and Sam Mangwana have been added; The pages on
      André-Marie Tala, Robson Banda, Defao, Empire Bakuba, Sam
      Mangwana, Oliver Mtukudzi and Adama Yalomba have been
      updated with more album details and/or extended

      2. African music news:

      Various new albums have been released in the past weeks:

      - Africando - Martina - Senegal

      - Djiguiya - Sakidi - Burkina Faso

      - Super Rail Band - Kongo Sigui - Mali

      - Mamou Sidibe - Mussoya - Mali

      - Sam Mangwana - Cantos de Esperança - Congo

      - Jean-Pierre Essome - A César - Cameroon

      - Les Sans Visa - Ennemi public - Cameroon

      Albums in preparation: Rokia Traoré, Amy Koita, Adama
      Yalomba, Magic Black Men, Idrissa Souamoro, J-B. M’Piana

      For more news, please check regularly our pages for updates!

      The page on World Music Festivals in Europe has been updated
      again with more festival dates in 2003.

      Les pages de tous les artistes maliens (43 pages !) sur
      Musiques du Mali sont desormais aussi disponibles en langue
      française !

      If you have suggestions to add specific musicians or albums
      not mentioned on existing pages, do not hesitate to drop us
      a line.

      Feel free to take a look again.

      Kind regards,

      Frank Bessem
      Musiques d'Afrique
      fbessem @ yahoo.com (remove spaces – stop spam!)

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