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I am an African

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    Reply to: Jeffrey Dreyer mailto:strangeatt00@hotmail.com BABATUNDE OLATUNJI 4.7.27-4.6.03 this one is going to take lots of trust. psc happy birthday the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 23, 2003
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      BABATUNDE OLATUNJI 4.7.27-4.6.03

      this one is going to take lots of trust. psc

      happy birthday the greatest of all of us, the grandfather of the
      drum has translated.

      Amfortas, the wound of sorrow and sadness in the deep heart's core as the
      Esalen indians watch you fly away on the wings of an eagle. The Grail King
      the entrance into the Chapel Perilous. The dark land, the wasteland here
      he has come to regenerate this land our hearts have heard the message of
      unconditional love. The land needs to be redeemed by the Holy Fool,
      Parsifal. 15 years on i sing this song, the same place as dick price, doug
      enright, and lotusheart. this is the palace of dreams this is the palace of
      nightmares, death and translation.
      The Miller's tale is told by a thief, full of sound and fury and definitly
      signifying something. The Signifying Monkey has come home to roost. i sing
      this song of loss and innocence the Grand Father of the Rainbow is gone,
      passed on, to the other side to the happy hunting Ground. This is all that
      can be said we love him. endangered species we will not see his like again.
      He brought us the sound of growing up in an african village, after 9/11 we
      are all new yorkers after gulf II now we are all iraquis now that baba is
      gone we are all africans. Please heal the earth? Take the splinter out of
      your own eye, physician heal thyself!! Esalen indians hover over his soul
      taking him home to heaven, the home of the orishas, now Ogun, now Obatala's
      Cuts are the deepest, as we watch you go home, the music and the love you
      have given us, I woke up and was walking to the whale chair and i looked up
      and saw a hurt hawk circlin! g over a cliff in Big Sur, and i said to
      myself. "there is the spirit of baba, fly on forever, king"

      dallas, texas
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