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Fw: [PC Staff] Please Read!! The Fight Against HIV Needs YOUR Help!

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  • Liz McEntee
    By the way, those of you in Namibia can buy calendars for yourself for N$50 -- contact Dani Abrams (Mariental) or Jeremy Polio (Owamboland) for more details.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 15, 2006
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      By the way, those of you in Namibia can buy calendars for yourself for N$50 -- contact Dani Abrams (Mariental) or Jeremy Polio (Owamboland) for more details. But yeah, buying calendars is ultimately for *your* benefit, so ask your family/friends back home to buy one (or more!) -- thanks!

      Keep on smiling,
      Liz :)

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      From: "Brian Halaburka" <bhalaburka@...>
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      Subject: [PC Staff] Please Read!! The Fight Against HIV Needs YOUR Help!
      Date: Sun, 15 Jan 2006 07:06:11 -0800 (PST)

      > Greetings everyone, and welcome back from Christmas Holiday!
      > As many of you already know (and some of you have forgotten),
      > the HIV/AIDS Committee is in the process of selling calendars in
      > order to raise money for the fight against HIV and AIDS. The money
      > that we raise from these calendar sales is meant to help you, the
      > volunteers, in funding any activities that you want to do in the
      > upcoming year to help spread HIV awareness and/or prevention. At
      > the moment, we still have a lot of calendars that need to be sold,
      > and we need everyone's help to solicit these calendars both in
      > Namibia and (especially) back home in the States. The more
      > calendars we sell, the more money money will be available to all of
      > you for your secondary projects, and the more money you have for
      > your projects, the more lives you will save in the fight against
      > HIV/AIDS (truly!).
      > So, please hit up all your family members and friends at home to
      > buy a calendar by sending them an email with the attached message
      > (see below). If you can spare the time, write something short
      > yourself as well urging them to buy a calendar. We really need
      > thier support!
      > Thanks, you guys rock.
      > Brian
      > P.S. If anyone knows the listserve address for group 25, could
      > he/she please forward this email to them. Thanks.
      > The Peace Corps Namibia HIV & AIDS Committee would like to
      > present its annual fundraiser: Calendars for 2006!
      > After a quarter of a century, the AIDS pandemic is still
      > devastating the world. Namibia, located in southern Africa, was
      > ranked as the sixth most infected country in 2004. This high rate
      > of HIV infections has had a profound impact on the rates of life
      > expectancy, orphans, and economic growth in the country. It has
      > been estimated that 22% of Namibians are HIV-positive. Even though
      > these statistics paint a bleak enough picture, they still do not
      > illustrate the intense burden of suffering among individuals and
      > households affected by the pandemic. As more and more volunteers
      > observe and experience this degree of suffering, we have made HIV
      > and AIDS education a top priority in our two years of service here
      > in Namibia.
      > Over 100 Peace Corps Volunteers work in schools and communities
      > throughout Namibia. The Peace Corps Namibia HIV & AIDS CommitteeÂ’s
      > primary objective is to equip our fellow volunteers with
      > appropriate information and teaching materials to promote HIV and
      > AIDS awareness as one of their secondary projects.
      > In order to finance these projects, our committee has created a
      > calendar for 2006. It consists of photos illustrating the beauty
      > and diversity of Namibian life thereby promoting positive living.
      > All money raised as a result of the sales of this calendar will go
      > toward VolunteersÂ’ projects. This calendar is available for US$15.
      > Your support of this fundraiser would be truly appreciated, and
      > will make a difference in the lives of Namibian youth.
      > If you are interested in purchasing a calendar, please fill out
      > an order form and use the attached information to make your
      > donation to the HIV & AIDS Committee. Donations can be mailed by
      > check or money order to Kelly Dziedzic, a sister of a current Peace
      > Corps Volunteer who has offered to collect the money for us.
      > Please note: All checks must be made out to Kelly Dziedzic. Please
      > find her mailing address attached. The calendars that are posted
      > will arrive in time for the holidays, and would make a fantastic
      > gift! On behalf of the Peace Corps Namibia HIV & AIDS Committee,
      > we thank you for your support.
      > Sincerely,
      > Dani Abrams
      > Peace Corps Volunteer
      > Kelly Dziedzic
      > 3123 Nellbert Street
      > Kalamazoo, MI 49001
      > USA
      > ---------------------------------
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