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Invite to the Fossils for Sale Group

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  • ammonite_nut
    Greetings to the Fossil Club members, I m Bob Keller, the owner and webmaster of Bob s Rock Shop, the Internet Zine for rockhounds . I m
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2002
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      Greetings to the Fossil Club members,

      I'm Bob Keller, the owner and webmaster of Bob's Rock Shop, the
      Internet 'Zine for rockhounds <www.rockhounds.com>. I'm writing to
      let you know I'm engineering and experimenting with a new email list
      dedicated to advertising of fossils for sale, trade or wanted.
      Topical advertisements of equipment, tools and supplies such as
      pneumatic cleaners, display stands and paleontology and geological
      literature are also welcome. The Fossils for Sale List is conducted
      as a communications vehicle and service to its members, buyers and
      sellers alike. If you have an interest in buying, selling or trading
      fossils you are welcome to participate.

      The command address to subscribe by email is:

      There is a BBS style web interface and info page for the Fossils for
      Sale list at:

      This is an announcement list for advertising purposes - not a general
      discussion type list. Advertisements posted to the Fossils for Sale
      List will be distributed to the entire membership. However, responses
      to posted ads will be addressed directly to the advertiser only and
      will not distributed to the list members at large.

      I do not endorse or recommend any advertiser. As always, it is your
      own responsibility to assess the integrity of those with whom you
      deal. Caveat Emptor and Happy Hunting!

      Bob Keller - Tucson, Arizona

      P.S. If you're having trouble using the email subscribe command
      address given above due to Yahoo Groups' proclivity to cryptify them
      you can use the links provided here:
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