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  • Steve Hayes
    Can anyone help with this? ... From: Nobie To: Nobie Subject: Date
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      Can anyone help with this?

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      Please forgive me, but we are quite desperate now, I ask you for advice

      For many years now, we have been trying to find the end times of DEMITRI


      DEMITRI CAROLUMBUS PETMEZAKI, was born in October 1895 in Ephesus, Asia
      Minor (now Turkey). In earlier years Demitri's father had been the Mayor of
      Ephesus and was also a Consul, a Diplomat for Greece.

      Demitri had two brothers; Kosti (Constantine) who was two years older than
      Demitri and Spiro who was two years younger. No other family names are known.

      Demitri had many friends & business acquaintances. He made his home in
      several countries creating businesses along the way. Arriving in Egypt at 17
      & on through to the Sudan.

      In 1912, he set up his first company DEM PETMEZAKI & CO in Omdurman, not far
      from Khartoum & exported to London and Hamburg.

      He next set up the SUDAN AMERICAN PRODUCE COMPANY INC. SAPCO exported
      through the drug department of a London agent in Idol Lane, which later
      moved into new offices in Love Lane that were managed by Mr Hockley. DEM
      PETMEZAKI & CO was distributing through R.L. FULLER LTD, as was his business
      dealings with Boots in the UK.

      Demitri set about creating distributing offices in Hamburg, Paris, Marseille
      and Trieste.

      In 1920, Demitri returned to Ephesus to the rescue of his mother and two
      brothers; Kosti (Constantine) and Spiro. It would appear that 1920 was
      perhaps the last time that he was in Asia Minor (Turkey)

      In 1923 he took on a partner; a Swede by the name of Alfred Joenssen who
      lived in New Jersey. Alfred had a daughter Daphne, living in New York.
      Together Demitri & Alfred set up SAPCO New York.

      By 1925, SAPCO London was formed.

      In 1928, he married Florence Gaisford in the registry office in Hackney,
      London on 12 July.

      Around 1934, in England Demitri bought a home called 'Allways' in Medway
      Crescent, Leigh-on-Sea in Essex. This was staffed with one maid by the name
      of Dorothy.

      He also owned hundreds of acres of coffee plantations in Ethiopia.

      In 1938 Demitri bought out an ailing soap factory in Kano, Nigeria which he
      soon sold to Lever Brothers. With the substantial profit, he & his brother
      Kosti set up The African General Trading Company.

      By 1939 Demitri had gone to Abeche in Chad to set up his newest company
      'General Stores'.

      In 1942 Alfred Joenssen and Demitri, who had continued to communicate
      through the years, now planned another venture; El Obeid Anglo Egyptian in
      the Sudan.

      From there the trail grows cold. His children, grandchildren &
      great-grandchildren have for years longed for a conclusion to this amazing
      man's story.

      Demitri had dear friends in Khartoum Mr. & Mrs Cowell & their daughter
      Millie who later married Bill Frost.

      Denis, the only son of Demitri was born in 1931, because of the war & being
      evacuated, Denis last saw his father in 1936. The greatest wish for his only
      son, (now in his 70's) is to find out what happened to his father. Demitri's
      son Denis, was born in Khartoum & was christened in the Greek Orthodox
      Cathedral there. Mr. & Mrs. Cowell were Denis's godparents.

      One last note, it would seem that Demitri & the head of the Greek community
      in Khartoum were well acquainted with one another, unfortunately we are
      unable to supply a name.

      Any info or advice would be so very much appreciated.

      Sincere thanks,

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      Keep well,

      Steve Hayes
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