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(Fwd) [SOUTH-AFRICA] Zimbabwe / Rhodesian Death Notices : tuto

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  • Steve Hayes
    More on Zimbabwe research ... From: Russell To: Date sent: Mon, 4 Apr 2011
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      More on Zimbabwe research

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      Dear Jenn et al

      Here is the tutorial on searching for the Rhodesian Death Register
      references and then finding the actual document(s). Please note that what the
      website refers to as Death Registers are actually Death Notices, in most
      nearly identical to our South African DN's. To illustrate we'll search for
      LLOYD references.

      Step 1: Open the FamilySearch website https://www.familysearch.org/

      Step 2: Ignore the Search function (these records are not indexed yet).
      Select "Africa"

      Step 3: On this page select "Zimbabwe, Death Registers, 1890-1977; Index to
      Death Register, 1892-1977"

      Step 4: On this page select "Browse through 74,045 images"

      Step 5: This next page contains all the Index books. Ignore "Death indexes
      Open Files" and "Death Indexes Surnames A-Z" for now. All the
      remaining indexes are logically set out in alphabetic order. In your case you
      want to search LLOYD, so select "Death indexes Surnames

      Step 6: Click on "1892-1976"

      Step 7: You'll now see the cover of the index book. You can adjust the size
      and position of the image by using the controls in the
      bottom left corner. Either in the top left or right corner you will see a
      saying "Image 1 of 48", with the 1 being inside a small box. By
      changing this number you can select which page of the 48 to go to. You

      do not know which page LLOYD is on, so you have to estimate. You can go
      back and forth one page at a time by using the arrow controls in
      the top right-hand corner.

      Step 8: By trial and error you have found that the LLOYD references are on
      pages 39 and 40. With pleasure you spot an entry for Clarence
      Arthur LLOYD. You know that he has a wife named Laura about whom you have
      scant details, so you are pleased to find an entry for Laura
      LLOYD, who may be his wife. You write down the references, which are 55/139
      and 69/131. You also jot down a reference to John Edward LLOYD, as he is a

      also likely in your family tree (795/62).

      Step 9: When you have all the references, click on "Zimbabwe, Death
      Registers, 1890-1977; Index to Death Register, 1892-1977" at the
      top of the page. This will take you back to to the webpage containg all the
      Index books.

      Step 10: The last entry of the second column is "Death registers"; click on

      Step 11: The index entry for Clarence Arthur LLOYD 55/139 will take you to
      Vol. 55. Click on Vol. 55.

      Step 12: This webpage shows Image 1 of 283. Again, by trial and error you get
      to the correct DN No. 139. They are all labelled in the top
      right corner. In this case it is image 169. You can save this image to your
      hard drive.

      Step 13: Similarly, you find the DN for Laura (69/131) by clicking on
      "Death registers" at the top of the page and
      browsing through Vol 69. You are thrilled to find a previously unknown

      Step 14: To find the entry for John Edward LLOYD 795/62, you again click on
      "Death registers" at the top of the page.From
      on, the registers are arranged by individual year.

      Step 15: Click on " 1962, #551-1145".

      Step 16: You find the DN as image 258 which unfortunately is not the correct
      John Edward LLOYD.

      Step 17: Click on "Zimbabwe, Death Registers, 1890-1977; Index to Death
      Register, 1892-1977". This takes you back to all the

      Step 18: Click on "Death Indexes Surnames A-Z" This folder contains a
      separate index of DN's all labelled with the prefix B. Any
      index reference number found here has to be browsed for in the releavant
      year's "B" section. These are to be found from 1959

      This website is a treasure trove to anyone doing South African research.



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