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99Re: [SOUTH-AFRICA] Rhodesia

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  • Steve Hayes
    Mar 19, 2009
      On 19 Mar 2009 at 17:02, LINDA MARTIN wrote:

      > Hi:
      > I have posted this message on two lists, so apologies to anyone that might
      > receive it twice!   I knew my grandmother Kate Laura WALLER was born in South
      > Africa in 1883, but now the English 1911 census is out I now know she was born
      > in Rhodesia.  Her parents went to S.A. sometime between 1881 and 1883.   Any
      > suggestions as to where I could find a possible baptism for her and her
      > brother (born 1885)?  Her father, a blacksmith, died between 1885 and 1888,
      > when the family returned to England.  Any ideas where he might have been
      > working?  How I could find a burial for him?   Any thoughts as to why the
      > family might have gone to Rhodesia particularly?  Any passenger lists
      > available for that time?   Thank you.   Linda

      See if you can get hold of a book called "Pioneers of Rhodesia" by E.C.

      At the time you mention there was no place called "Rhodesia". There were
      territories called Mashonaland and Mataberleland. The latter was ruled by
      Lobengula, and he also claimed to rule large parts of Mashonaland, though it
      was a somewhat dubious claim.

      Tabler's book tries to give information about all the adult male foreigners
      known to have visited the area before it became known as Rhodesia, so it
      might make mention of your great grandfather if he was there.

      I'm crossposting this to the African genealogy list as well.


      Keep well,

      Steve Hayes
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