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87Re: [afgen] Hampshire family (Cape Town and Northern Rhodesia)

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  • Anton Dil
    Oct 22 1:32 AM
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      I can't see anything in my books (apart from general information on the old drift), but these people seem to have a full list of burials there, if you can get access, or pay the fee


      You might also try the great north road site, though it seems to be having some problems

      All the best,

      --- On Sat, 18/10/08, craiggsheldon <cgsheldon@...> wrote:

      > From: craiggsheldon <cgsheldon@...>
      > Subject: [afgen] Hampshire family (Cape Town and Northern Rhodesia)
      > To: afgen@yahoogroups.com
      > Date: Saturday, 18 October, 2008, 11:00 PM
      > Hello,
      > I'm trying to find more information regarding the
      > Hampshire family who
      > lived in Northern Rhodesia, near the Old Drift and
      > Livingstone,
      > sometime between 1902 - 1920. They had traveled up from
      > Cape Town
      > through Kimberley.
      > The father's name may have been Alfred Hampshire, from
      > Oldham,
      > Lancashire, England, and his wife was Eva (maiden name
      > unknown).
      > Alfred was a veteran of the Second Boer War, having fought
      > for the
      > British, although I have yet to find any official documents
      > to confirm
      > this. Alfred apparently owned a butcher shop on the
      > opposite side of
      > Victoria Falls Village and was a friend of Percy M. Clark,
      > author of
      > "An Autobiography of an Old Drifter".
      > At least four of Alfred and Eva's sons died young,
      > including one named
      > Harold, and were apparently all buried in a pioneer grave
      > in
      > Livingstone among 10 other people. I'm told this event
      > is mentioned in
      > Clark's book but I do not have a copy so I can't
      > say for certain.
      > Their surviving children were Wilfred George, Alfred Albert
      > Victor,
      > Lily, Beatrice, May and Violet. Wilfred was possibly born
      > on the way
      > to Rhodesia, circa 1902, maybe in Kimberley.
      > After living some years in Northern Rhodesia they
      > eventually moved
      > back to Cape Town.
      > Any help you might be able to provide would be greatly
      > appreciated.
      > All the best,
      > Craig
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