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31Problems with Yahoogroups

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  • Stephen Hayes
    Sep 30, 2006
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      I've forwarded this message from NY Transfer Systems for information.

      If you are subscribed to this forum by e-mail, please keep copies of
      any messages you send to the group, in case they are lost and need to
      be re-sent.

      --- Forwarded message follows ---

      Yahoo Groups is Broken... Again

      For the last several days, material sent to Yahoo Groups
      via e-mail has either not shown up at all, or has taken
      one hour or more to show up in the groups or in their Pending

      We've been testing this, and have confirmed the problem by
      asking others who post to Yahoo Groups to send us a copy of
      their submissions via private e-mail when they send to a group.
      I've also done the same with my own posts. Mailed posts show
      up in UseNet newsgroups and other mailing lists without a
      problem. They come into private e-mail (including Yahoo e-mail)
      almost immediately.

      Stuff that is posted via the Yahoo Groups web interface seems to
      show up ok, with delays. But about half of the submissions to
      Yahoo Groups sent via e-mail just disappear forever.

      There does not seem to be any particular reason for these
      disappearances (i.e., there seems to be no connection between
      failure to post and source of the mail, or mailing list message
      prefixes in the subject field, subject content, message content,
      etc.) HOWEVER, group moderators might want to check their
      Yahoo Group's "Junk" or "Bulk" folder to see if lost messages are
      being shuttled there by a malfunctioning Yahoo Spam filter.

      If you have sent posts that never show up, try using the
      web interface to post instead. (There is still a delay before
      the posts show up, but they do seem to get through eventually.)

      NY Transfer News posts are all showing up properly in Usenet newsgroups
      and on our own list, both the web interface and the mailed copies.
      If you're uncertain you're receiving everything, come into the website
      and check our web archives (see tagline for the URL).

      NY Transfer News

      .NY Transfer News Collective * A Service of Blythe Systems
      . Since 1985 - Information for the Rest of Us .
      .339 Lafayette St., New York, NY 10012 http://www.blythe.org