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260Re: [afgen] Scientists trace group of Afrikaners with Parkinson?s to common ancestor

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  • Steve Hayes
    Jul 1 10:27 AM
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      On 1 Jul 2014 at 16:02, 'rodg@...' rodg@... [ wrote:

      > Hi Steve,Thanks a lot for this article, it is very very interesting. For
      > those with strong ties to the Afrikaner nation, is it permitted to know
      > which families these are?Regards,Rod g

      Unfortunately the article doesn't say which families they are.

      I remember about 25 years ago, when the HSRC still did genealogy, they
      arranged a genealogy conference, and one of those who attended was Dr Marie
      Torrington, who was doing research into genetic diseases, and I helped her to
      set up a genealogy program on her computer that would help her to record
      people's medical history. It's interesting that 25 years later that is still
      the only program in know of that does that, though with some of the others
      you can set up an event for recording it.

      She read a paper at the conference on her research, and as a result I looked
      at some of the families in our tree where there had been a lot of
      intermarriage, and sure enough, the more closely related they were, the
      younger they were when they died. She said that people in certain communities
      were more susceptible to heart disease and so on. .

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